3 October

4 Online Essentials Recommended by SpeedUpMy.net for the Procrastinating Student

Students are often reprimanded with the sentence, “you have no more excuses” when they fail to do their work and submit. A lot has changed in the past two decades. Research was always about reading books and journals up until the early 1990s. Back then you had to take the time to go to the […]

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24 September

Common Tech-Related Illnesses And Conditions

Often people sing the praises of advances in technology, but the trends revolving around tech development are beginning to show signs of physical impact on those who are most immersed.  Working in an office day after day can add up to some pretty unpleasant physical impairments, and it’s important that you know the possible risks. […]

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21 September

6 reasons to move to the cloud

The cloud is already a popular tool for millions of businesses, and it is only going to get bigger. So why should you consider moving your business to the cloud? The memory of your business network is precious, but can quickly be taken up by endless apps and software. Rather than using onsite servers to […]

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20 September

4 Kinds of Technology Provided For Security and Legal Reasons

When it comes to technology, two of the topics that run concurrently might include the ideas of security and legality. Expansions in processing power and various new styles of device mean that you have more options than ever when it comes to creating a secure environment for yourself, and also maintaining the legal recourse for […]

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18 September

Ways Technology Helps Make Our Lives More Efficient

Technology has a bad rep when it comes to some things like catfishing and the dark net, but there are plenty of ways technology makes our lives better.  Modern life puts heavy demands on our daily lives, and technology supplies the ability to bridge the gap when we feel overwhelmed. […]

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12 September

How Vaping saves you a Lot of Money, Which will Better Your Personal Financial Situation

Smoking kills, we all know this. When smoking tobacco, you expose yourself to dangerous metals and their compounds. The smoke and soot give you a bad breath and complications in your breathing system. With all these side effects, the costs of treatment will be dire. Since nicotine-an addictive substance- is in the cigarette, you can’t […]

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2 September

How to Digitise Your Financial Life

Back before the ubiquity of internet devices, smartphones and calculators, the simple act of drawing up a set of accounts took many hours of labour, picking through a pile of receipts with a pencil, a rubber, and a sore head in an attempt to understand the ins and outs of one’s financial world. It’s something […]

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2 September

2 Quick Tips for Immigrants Looking to Save Money on Their Most Important Tech

We’ve entered a day and age where most of can’t go five seconds without checking our phones or email, right? And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. The ability to stay connected with friends and family, breaking news and even our workplaces around-the-clock is simply an expectation of today’s society. As such, having access to […]

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24 July

The Future Role of Blockchain Technology

For many people, they only know of Blockchain technology as the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies. This is certainly true and moving forward, Blockchain technology will remain as the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies. However, the use of Blockchain technology is not only restricted to finances i.e. as the enabler of digital currencies but transcends to other […]

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22 June

Why Visual Marketing Is Essential For Your Business

Visuals tend to resonate with people, as they speak on a personal and interactive level much more so that text alone. Those viewing the visual stimuli experience an emotional response when interacting with the image, and this is produced at around 60,000 times more quickly than reading narrative. As opposed to reading text alone, seeing […]

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