14 June

Breakthrough In Technology That Create Safer Driving Experiences

There are plenty of examples of breakthrough technology right now that create safer driving experiences for everyone. Even if you don’t have the money or the interest in participating in some of these breakthroughs, you are still reaping the benefits as other people on the road are safer because these elements are incorporated into their cars and driving habits.

Every time there is a new technological improvement and processing technology, that is going to bleed into the auto industry. Several examples will illustrate this offhand. First of all, with more powerful processors, researchers and engineers can work with extremely powerful and accurate accident statistics. Secondly, many new cars have sensors and indicators installed that tell you if you are too close to something that poses a danger. For example, if you have missed seeing one of the UK road cones that are in the road due to a hazard, your car will be able to alarm you of the cone’s presence in the road. Similarly, if you are parking and there is a low wall that you have missed by eye, your car’s sensors will alarm you.

Third, self-driving vehicles that are much safer than humans are appearing on the roads. And lastly, there are different ways that drones can be used to make the traffic experience safer.

Working With Accident Statistics

New technology utilizes big data to analyze statistics in new and exciting ways. If processors are continually importing and analyzing car accident statistics, then the resulting trends can be observed and worked with by engineers to create safer driving experiences for everyone on the road. Examples of accident statistics would be the speeds at which people are most likely to have an accident or the places in the country where most accidents occur.

Sensors and Indicators

Many newer vehicles have sensors and indicators that are installed in the manufacturing process. These proximity sensors give off alarms if you are to close something that indicates a danger. Proximity sensors keep people from hitting each other in parking lots, they prevent accidents with pedestrians, and the overall make a better experience for everyone on the road. The higher percentage of cars that have sensors in place, the fewer accidents there will be.

Self-Driving Vehicles

We all read the news about self-driving vehicles. We know there are some test examples on the road. We understand that the trucking industry is going to use this new technology to prevent all sorts of catastrophic accidents on long-haul drives. And we know that autonomous cars will be operating as taxis before too long. All of this is a fascinating development in human history.

Uses of Drones

New technology has brought drones in the picture as well. A good way that drones can be used to improve the safety of drivers is by acting as traffic cameras. If there is a bird’s eye view of a traffic accident, that information can be reported to GPS systems, which will then direct traffic around that place, making drives much safer for everyone going through that region.