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26 April

Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch for in 2018

There are certain mobile gaming trends that have been gaining a lot of momentum this year, and many of them affect the casual and hardcore gamer alike. Mobile developers are relying on being able to create interactive communities that users can participate in. If you are a fan of mobile games, you will want to […]

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technology blog
19 April

Customer Retention in the Tech World

There is perhaps no better industry than the technology industry in retaining customers over long periods of time and sometimes even over an entire lifetime. You don’t even need to look in the direction of something like a web based platform to see it – something as simple as the light bulbs you use to […]

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13 April

Using Technology To Improve Workplace Transparency

Workplace transparency is essential. Unfortunately, even with the push over recent years to improve transparency in the modern workplace, many employees still don’t trust their employers. Employees tend to feel a sense of anxiety about what their employer is doing behind the scenes, so to speak. […]

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9 April

Why Your Business Should Take Data Security Seriously

Hacking used to be something pursued by a select group of coders looking to show off their skills. These days, however, hacking is big business. Criminal enterprises today are heavily involved in cybercrime. Much of this crime is only possible because of huge data breaches. […]

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4 April

Making Money with Cryptocurrencies: The Complete Beginners Guide

Cryptocurrencies are no doubt quite a weird asset to many people who have never invested in it before. What is is exactly? How do you buy it and how and you make money from it? These questions are all warranted and everyone has no doubt posed these questions some time in the past. These are […]

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