28 March

Take to Movavi Video Converter to convert MKV files to MP4

Do you have some HD files that you wish to send to mobile devices? It could be some short files or a season of a latest TV series. Now, HD files are generally in the MKV format. But mobile devices do not usually support the superior resolution and huge size of MKV files. The smartest […]

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21 March

5 Pieces of Software Every Business Needs

Without help from technology, most modern businesses would struggle. They rely on accounting software to maintain the books, cloud-based productivity tools to streamline everyday tasks, and communication software so virtual teams and home-based employees can enjoy flexibility combined with productivity. […]

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20 March

3 Ways to Cut Website Costs without Sacrificing Quality

It doesn’t cost an awful lot to run a website these days, especially with the many online services out there that are looking to compete with each other for your custom. However, there are still running costs involved and, if you’re not careful, these costs could be the difference in your online venture being a […]

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16 March

How technology has affected education

If you have kids in school today, the chances are their classrooms look unlike those you were taught in when you were a schoolchild yourself. Where once groups of children used to huddle around single, painfully slow computers, many schools now ensure that every student has a laptop or tablet with which to work. Lesson […]

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5 March

3 Laptop Trends to keep an Eye on in 2018

Whether you’re looking for a new laptop for business or personal use, models and features are always evolving. Rather than just adding new features for the sake of it, manufacturers are taking a closer look at what consumers want and are trying to provide that with their newer models. The end result is that you […]

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5 March

UK fintech company helps people with financial planning for their retirement

Have you taken the retirement quiz from fintech company, True Potential? If not, you still have time to visit their website and complete the quiz with estimates of how much you expect to spend during your retirement. The UK personal pension specialist has gathered all the quiz responses to date and produced the infographic below. […]

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27 February

UK technology business experiences phenomenal growth

Where The Trade Buys, a leading printing firm and UK supplier of outdoor banners with operations in southern and north-east England, celebrated nearly 90% growth in 2017 due to an increased focus on growth markets and greater use of online print production operating systems.   […]

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15 February

Coolest Mobile Gadgets That Are Perfect for Small Business Owners

You have a lot to think about as a small business owner, especially when it comes to tech. You have to decide if your company needs a CTO, who’s going to build your website, and what kind of app you want to design. Those are vital things to think about, but they aren’t very much […]

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9 February

The Best Mario Party Games of All Time

Whatever age you are and whether you’ve ever picked a controller up in your life, you know who Mario is. This small mustached plumber has made his name popular worldwide and has many great games with him and his friends. From the first Mario game till now, all the games in this Nintendo franchise have […]

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10 January

The Role of Identity Management Systems in Preventing Fraud

Security of information has become a source of major concern for corporations given the numerous ways that they can be compromised. The modern systems that businesses use may offer convenience, but they also pose significant threats. Loss or theft of data can severely impair the capability of an organisation to carry out its functions. The […]

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