9 December

Is Automation the Key to Business Success in 2020?

Failure rates of business are at an all-time high. In 2019, we saw yet another decline in high street stores as more brick-and-mortar shops closed their doors for the final time — the amount of empty physical retail space is now at record levels. At the same time, online sales are experiencing a slump. It […]

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29 November

Five Tech Trailblazers of the Year

Throughout 2019, certain topics have captured our imagination and saw us hungry for more information. Climate change is one such area, with a massive increase of climate related Google searches over 2019 (the term “BBC climate change – the facts” for example, rose by 40,300 per cent in the UK). Searches around the topics of […]

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21 October

Podcasting Can Send Consumers Your Way

Any business owner knows that he or she depends on consumers wanting to buy their goods. That said are you doing all you can to drive consumers your way? If the response was no, how can you change things moving forward? Without a steady stream of customers, you could be on the outside looking in […]

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24 September

Does Your Business Need to Be More Internet Friendly?

How much time you spend on the Internet as it pertains to running your business does matter. With this in mind, there is always the chance you are not spending enough time online. As a result, your business can suffer over time. So, does your business need to be more Internet friendly moving forward? Time […]

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18 September

Why HIV Causes Diarrhea

HIV is a serious condition that can compromise the immune system and cause further health complications, including diarrhea. HIV-associated diarrhea can develop when there is an infection in the intestines but can also develop as a result of the effects of HIV on the body and, more specifically, the gastrointestinal (GI) system.  One in five […]

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3 September

LiDAR: The Technology That’s Transforming the Transport Industry

You’ve probably never stopped to think about just how much time you spend traveling. If you’re journeying to and from the office each day, or constantly exploring new destinations, transport probably has a big impact on your everyday life.  […]

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3 September

The Future Is Now: Virtual Business Tools That Can Solve Your Outdated Problems

We live in an age of dynamic digital solutions. Long gone are the days when certain business barriers were ingrained and impassable. In 2019, almost any problem you have can be solved with some sort of innovative digital service. Virtual tools exist to support all facets of business success. What opportunities should you be taking […]

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29 August

5 Ways Technology Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

While most people know by now that technology probably isn’t doing you any favors, they may not necessarily know that it can actually damage your health.  In some cases, it can even be fatal.     If you can’t imagine your trusty devices ever causing you harm, then think again.  Here are some of the ways […]

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27 August

How Technology Has Revolutionized The Music Industry

There’s no denying the impact of technology on today’s music industry, but there is plenty of discussion on the idea of whether or not the impact has been a positive or negative one overall.     Frankly, it seems quite obvious that tech advancements have boosted the music industry in exponential ways.  However, there are still […]

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22 August

Are Smarter Cars Contributing To Road Accidents?

Smart cars with state-of-the-art safety features have become the norm. From cruise control to lane assist technology and traffic sign recognition systems, there has never been a safer time to drive cars than today. These systems are intuitive enough to stop major accidents from happening. […]

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