6 February

Using Technology To Help With Getting Better Sleep

There are lots of different ways to use technology to help you get better sleep. Some are intuitive. Others are not so much. But every new technological development that comes out, you can look at it from a perspective that can be associated with sleep, restfulness, and wellness in itself. […]

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27 January

What Are Fintech Banks And What Impact Will They Have On Financial Services?

What is Fintech? Fintech (abbreviation of financial technology) is a generic term for any type of technology. This leads to many new business models, applications, processes and products. All financial services providers are increasingly dependent on technology, technology companies based on technological innovation at the centre of their business. They can be particularly active in […]

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16 January

Environmental Tech That Could Help Save The Planet

For years, scientist and biologist have been working overtime to develop new ways to preserve the homeostasis of the Earth.  Overuse of resources, overpopulation, and other activities have damaged the planet over time, and now it’s our turn to try to repair the damage.   […]

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28 December

Tips and Tricks for Online Games

One of the more enjoyable and straightforward aspects of new technology that can bring us a sense of distraction and relaxation includes all of the new online games that are available. These online games come in a few different forms, but most can be split into the two categories of desktop versus mobile games. And […]

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14 December

The growing importance of cyber security

Keeping your work and office secure is a key aspect in any small business’s success, but how much do you know about staying protected?   Cyber security has been an ongoing challenge for small businesses, big businesses and independent internet users alike for many years. Sadly, as technology continues to evolve and we become even […]

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11 December

Making Life Easier: Cool Perks Of Modern Technology

Every once in a while, it can be fun to take a bit of an inventory on just how far technology has brought us in recent years.  Tech advancements have made nearly every aspect of our lives different. […]

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31 October

Easy Ways to Snap Better Photos for Beginners

Trying to snap better photos as a beginner can be frustrating. Not only is it difficult to come to grips with the basics of photography, but you may not even know how to start to capture better photos. […]

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29 October

4 Examples of Technology Integration

Technology is not just a means unto itself. It has to integrate into something else to give a functional improvement or at least change in an industry or a particular aspect of a person’s life. Technology improves on its own, for example as a matter of faster processing, but it isn’t until that quicker processing […]

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18 October

Top Ergonomic Office Equipment For A Comfortable Work Day

If you spend a lot of time in your home office, you’ll want to make sure you have the very best equipment to support your personal production and efficiency while at work.  Invest in the most ergonomically designed office equipment to better preserve your body’s joints and overall comfort throughout the day. Make it easy […]

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18 October

Exploring the Life cycle of a Game Title

Growing up in what was perhaps the very earliest days of gaming, I can say that I’ve enjoyed the privilege of experiencing gaming as it has existed and evolved through the ages. I know what it was like to have played those monochrome games on an MS-DOS machine – one of those which you had […]

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