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Mukesh is a web developer and is an expert in all things code-related. He’s completely self-taught and first became interested when he was a teenager living in India. Since moving to the UK for University, and gaining the highest qualification possible in his field, he now freelances his services and can work his magic on pretty much anything


We like to refer to Alan as the dad of our little Future Play family, not just because he’s old(er). He’s a legend in the cyber world and, although he can’t talk about exactly what he was up to, he’s worked for some ‘high profile’ people in the world of cyber security (read: total James Bond dude). The magic he can work with computers is like poetry in motion and he’s invaluable to us as a member of our team.


Laurena is an avid gamer and is always the first to get the latest release, the latest console and the latest technology. If there’s a bug in game, she’ll find it. Which is great because that was actually her job for a few years – literally playing games for a living. She loves reading up on latest releases and is lucky enough to have a strong enough standing in the community that companies trust her for an honest and thorough reviews of their products.


As you might have guessed by now, I’m the girl who got told by her mum that she couldn’t have a games console simply because I’m a girl. I’m not one for just letting things be the way they’ve always been and I think that really spurred me on to devote my life to a world of technology and gadgetry.

By the age of 16 I’d designed a (very poor) app that was somehow accepted into the Apple store. It was my first real adventure in the world of app development and from the moment it got approved for the store, I was hooked. After completing a degree in Games Development, I went on to work for 2K for a little while, most notably their successful First Person Shooter, Borderlands.

I still dabble in the world of games dev, but really, as long as I’m elbow deep in something technology related, I’m happy. That’s one of the reasons I brought together my nearest and dearest to creat Future Play. A place for like-minded people to come together and unleash their views and knowledge unto the world