About us

Hello & welcome to Future Play.

We’re home to all things new and revolutionary in the world of tech! From the latest gadgets to new games to the best way to build a computer. Stick around for updates and news on everything that’s going on in the world of the, as well as exciting new product reviews and opinion pieces from some of the best young minds in the business.

It all started many years ago when a little girl was told she wasn’t allowed a games console or Christmas because ‘that’s just not what girls like.’  Now, that same girl runs this very blog and has a team of four lifelong friends to help her do it.

Growing up in such a strict environment meant I never had the opportunity to enjoy the joys of computer games, PlayStations, Gameboys and so on. I would borrow my friend’s games, head into department stores and play on the display consoles. I was a girl obsessed and as soon as I reached the age of 16, I asked for a Gameboy for my birthday.

I would save all of my pocket money and wages from a part-time job as a waitress and put them into my piggy bank and every few months I’d buy the latest games to play on my console. Many of my friends grew out of their consoles but I still enjoyed spending my evenings and weekends playing on them.

When I joined university, I became a part of the gaming society and met some of my best friends. I started Future Play during my time at university where myself and some of my best friends and fellow gaming society members could write about and review our favourite consoles.

Future Play is a place for the passionate, the fun and the advanced.

And who are these people? We are Jasmine, Mukesh, Alan and Laurena. We’re here to help you keep up to date on all things tech in the world.

The world of gaming can be a little lonely at times so if you’re a fellow gaming lover then I want to hear from you.

Whether you have a question for me or want to submit a guest post, then please follow the links and I will get back to you soon.