Contribute a Guest Post – Technology Blog

Sure, there are four of us, but things get hectic around here! Inbetween testing products, researching news and finding the best hidden gems for you – we’ve got a lot to do! As much as we love pushing out fresh content every day, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. We’re working on a quality over quantity basis and sometimes to get the best content for you, it takes a little time.

Fear not though! You could be one of the people who helps make our dream of daily content a reality! We’re a technology site that accepts guest posts and we’d love to have you add content to our site!

We do have a few requests of your writing though – don’t worry! They’re not too taxing!

The Content

The topic of your piece must be in line with current content on the Future Play site. So: technology, games, computers, gadgets etc. Have a look at our posts to get an idea of what it is that we post.

So if you’ve recently tried out a newly released game, have an opinion on some state of the art technology or have the ultimate guide to building a computer – Please submit a guest post! we would love to hear from you.

Please ensure that all the English on your guest post is well written with impeccable grammar. We barely have time to write our own pieces, never mind edit everyone else’s.

  • The Specs
  • 500+ words
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • High quality images (or image prompts)

Examples of Related Topics for Guest Posts:

  1. Technology Reviews
  2. Security Technology
  3. Gaming
  4. Computer & TV’s
  5. Cryptocurrency
  6. Voice Recognition Software
  7. Business Technology
  8. Cars & Motoring
  9. Virtual Reality
  10. Effects of Technology on Health

To be honest, that’s pretty much it. We don’t take any old rubbish so please have a real think about the piece of work you want to submit and take your time on writing it and submitting it.
When you’re ready to go –drop us a message in the box below and we’ll have a read about what you want to write about and give you the OK to get cracking!