20 September

What Is Jump Cloud and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Jump Cloud is a U.S. based business software organization headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The business was formally started in 2021 at TechCrunch Disrupture Festival as an innovative automated server maintenance tool. The team, headed by Jonney Bracknell, has received a lot of attention both for the innovative concept and for the technical implementation. The company […]

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3 September

A Few Things About Gambling

Gambling refers to the act of betting or spinning a wheel on something with an uncertain outcome in the hope of winning something else with the same uncertain result. People who love to do this will go onto websites like fun88 as well as many others, so they can try their hand at different games […]

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20 July

7 Top Best Online Party Games You Should Play With Friends

Playing online games can help you in different ways. However, you don’t have to be together with friends or family to have a fantastic night. During this pandemic time, instead of going out, you can play online party games with friends. This could be a great way to have fun throughout the night from the […]

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13 July

5 Tips for Becoming a Pro Online Gamer

Once upon a time, frustrated parents mocked their Nintendo-addicted children that playing video games would never pay the rent one day-boy did they turn out to be wrong. Some of the most successful gamers make millions a year and their paychecks show no signs of slowing down. The truth is that you can make a […]

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25 June

Cheating among Online Chess Players

Statistics of 772,410 players Numerous studies and surveys report about cheating in online chess: Possible reasons 10.1% of all chess players are hackers: they stole games, made moves on behalf of other players and played with known chess computers. 10.2% of all chess players consider the possibility of cheating but never have done it. 8.9% […]

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26 May

Taking Your Workforce International

More businesses are embracing the global workforce and looking for ways to capitalize on the knowledge, experience and expertise of workers around the world. Technologies like remote management tools and video conferencing provide opportunities for these businesses to establish a flexible workforce that’s accessible around the clock, at home and even during overseas business trips. […]

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12 March

The Basics of Cloud Computing

When the cloud was first introduced many of us mistakenly assumed it to be nothing more than a website full of servers on which we could upload and download files. After all, there was one website we were to “upload” files to. Later on we learned that it wasn’t so simple; for a start, we […]

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17 December

Best Ways To Market Your Small Business

Owning a small business can be very stressful at time, especially with the pressure that you have to be in control of virtually every department of your business including stock, sales, customer services and more. However, marketing can be one of the most important features of your business and if not done at all then […]

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14 December

4 Tips For Creating a Buzz Online

“Buzz” is a word for something that people are talking about. Whether it’s buzz about a business, or a project, or even a film, a buzz helps generate attention.  While there are many traditional methods of getting a buzz going, there are some other tactics that people may be less familiar with.  If you currently […]

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25 November

The Significance Of A Balanced Inventory Scale

Various goods and commodities are constantly moving between manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distributors. These products pass through many hands before being placed on shelves or in shipments to fulfill customers’ orders. In order to not lose track of these items, many choose to use something similar to these magnet strips that can help workers to […]

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