26 May

Taking Your Workforce International

More businesses are embracing the global workforce and looking for ways to capitalize on the knowledge, experience and expertise of workers around the world. Technologies like remote management tools and video conferencing provide opportunities for these businesses to establish a flexible workforce that’s accessible around the clock, at home and even during overseas business trips. […]

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12 March

The Basics of Cloud Computing

When the cloud was first introduced many of us mistakenly assumed it to be nothing more than a website full of servers on which we could upload and download files. After all, there was one website we were to “upload” files to. Later on we learned that it wasn’t so simple; for a start, we […]

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17 December

Best Ways To Market Your Small Business

Owning a small business can be very stressful at time, especially with the pressure that you have to be in control of virtually every department of your business including stock, sales, customer services and more. However, marketing can be one of the most important features of your business and if not done at all then […]

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14 December

4 Tips For Creating a Buzz Online

“Buzz” is a word for something that people are talking about. Whether it’s buzz about a business, or a project, or even a film, a buzz helps generate attention.  While there are many traditional methods of getting a buzz going, there are some other tactics that people may be less familiar with.  If you currently […]

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25 November

The Significance Of A Balanced Inventory Scale

Various goods and commodities are constantly moving between manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distributors. These products pass through many hands before being placed on shelves or in shipments to fulfill customers’ orders. In order to not lose track of these items, many choose to use something similar to these magnet strips that can help workers to […]

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23 July

Is the Internet Helping You With Shopping?

How often do you tend to get online when you have shopping needs? For more and more consumers, the Internet is turning into their go-to place for goods and services. With that thought in mind, should you be going online more often when you need to shop for a variety of items? How Can You […]

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19 January

Steps required for transferring money abroad

If you are attempting to send money abroad for the first time, either to pay a worker or to a family member or friend, you might be wondering how you can achieve that. The good news is that it is not only possible but very easy to send money abroad. This article will discuss the […]

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technology blog
11 September

What Role Will Fintech Play in Finance?

Finance is a complicated industry that is based on age-old mechanisms of money but somehow manages to use more technology than an average business. The advent of financial tech has helped us gain more attention to the workings of this complex structure. However, is finance tech really the future of finance or is it merely […]

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6 September

What’s the Relation between Humility and Future Technology

The basis of future technology is not a mad scientist’s race to invent something new. Instead, technology is designed and shaped by teams working in hundreds. These teams work together to create a new project or a new technology, quietly but steadily working to make our lives better. However, what drives these teams is a […]

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technology blog
29 August

7 Things to Expect from Apple’s Event on September 12th

Apple’s events present an opportunity to the focus on innovation, future technologies, and the latest product launches by the most valuable brand in the world. This year’s event is scheduled for September 12th. With less than a week left for Apple’s grand annual event, here are seven things you should expect to see. A new […]

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