21 October

4 Ways to Make Technology Your Friend 

There is no shortage of people who have a hard time with technology. You might even say technology is many people’s downright enemy. In most cases this is a common issue for people nearing retirement age. 

They may feel that they’re too far behind with emerging technologies to catch up, or maybe it’s just too difficult for their brains to handle since they didn’t grow up with technology. However, age isn’t always the determining factor when it comes to technology woes.  There are some people who just can’t seem to master how tech works at any age. And despite how much these people may be convinced they hate technology, the truth is that embracing technology can completely transform your life.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has taken the forefront of technology. Being open to learning about AI is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. AI is increasingly integrated into various industries and facets of daily life, making it essential to understand its principles and applications. For instance, even in an art field like music, AI has started to make major waves. AI is transforming the way musicians and producers create, enhance, and distribute music. Music producers have started using tools like an AI music generator to experiment with new sounds. In this manner, AI has a range of uses across fields, and learning how to harness this can help in increasing the efficiency of everyday tasks.

Technology can make us more productive, and open up new possibilities like never before. If you’re someone who would consider yourself an “enemy of technology,” then here are some of the best ways to transform technology from a foe to a friend. 

Enlist Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and loved ones to help you out. Chances are you’ve got a younger family member or neighbor that can help you with whatever you’re frustrated with.  Whether it’s trying to download an app, or update your calendar, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes the simple act of being explained something slowly can make a world of difference in our comprehension.


In many cases, getting used to something is as simple as dedicating time to practicing doing it. Get into the habit of setting aside time every single day to devote to learning new technology. This can be anything from navigating on your phone, to downloading some new apps, to watching YouTube tutorials. If you’re truly committed to making technology your friend, then you need to start with a little commitment.

Stay Calm

One of the biggest reasons why people struggle with technology is because they get flustered and angry too quickly. Try to stay calm and focused when you start to feel your blood rising. If you start to get angry and frustrated, you’ll only break your concentration and find it harder to finish what you started. As with all things in life, staying calm is a must. An angry or flustered state of mind will only lead to flustered results.

Make it Fun

Any time you’re committed to a new activity, the best way to make it work for you is to make it fun. Find ways to make technology something you enjoy rather than something you dread. In many cases that means a process of trial and error. 

Try out different programs and applications, and see which ones you like. You may just find that technology doesn’t just end up being something you enjoy, but you can’t live without!