3 April

Technology You Use Every Day And Probably Don’t Realize It

Technology is an integral part of all of our lives. If you care to disagree, just consider all the technology it took for you to read this article. Even without the blatant impression of technology, your daily routine likely involves some level of tech. […]

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3 April

Effective Digital Currency Management

If you’ve embarked on any leg of the journey to make money online then you will have definitely come across a scenario where you feel the need to buy some traffic. This traffic would either be sent to your very own digital product or service you created and are selling, or one which you are […]

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18 March

Honing Your Craft: Tips For Novice Software Developers

If you’re new in the world of coding, you already know there’s an exciting adventure waiting ahead.  It may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but find joy in knowing that there’s always going to be something new to learn.   […]

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5 March

Cloud adoption: the many benefits for businesses

Technology Services Group has provided the infographic below. The piece, brought to you by a leading UK IT managed services firm, helps to outline the benefits of moving to the cloud. According to findings from Aberdeen Group, 69% of businesses have plans to allocate more of their IT budgets to cloud technologies. From enhanced IT […]

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1 March

Reading Inspiration for UK Tech Entrepreneurs

Are you getting geared up to execute your start-up business idea and make your dream a reality? You’re probably well aware that knowledge is power in business, but in the fast-growing sector of technology, staying ahead of the game is particularly critical. Grab some inspiration from our list of books below – full of motivating […]

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28 February

Pros and Cons of Safety Concerning Trucks

Lots of people drive trucks. Sometimes it’s a matter of personal preference as far as driving experience goes. Some people drive trucks professionally as larger rigs. And other people think that pickups are better for doing specific kinds of activities like traveling long distances with gear in tow, or they just like the engine power […]

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6 February

Using Technology To Help With Getting Better Sleep

There are lots of different ways to use technology to help you get better sleep. Some are intuitive. Others are not so much. But every new technological development that comes out, you can look at it from a perspective that can be associated with sleep, restfulness, and wellness in itself. […]

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27 January

What Are Fintech Banks And What Impact Will They Have On Financial Services?

What is Fintech? Fintech (abbreviation of financial technology) is a generic term for any type of technology. This leads to many new business models, applications, processes, and products. All financial services providers are increasingly dependent on technology, and technology companies based on technological innovation are at the center of their business. They can be particularly […]

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16 January

Environmental Tech That Could Help Save The Planet

For years, scientist and biologist have been working overtime to develop new ways to preserve the homeostasis of the Earth. Overuse of resources, overpopulation, and other activities have damaged the planet over time, and now it’s our turn to try to repair the damage. […]

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28 December

Tips and Tricks for Online Games

One of the more enjoyable and straightforward aspects of new technology that can bring us a sense of distraction and relaxation includes all of the new online games that are available. These online games come in a few different forms, but most can be split into the two categories of desktop versus mobile games. And […]

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