26 June

Modern Tech for Modern Expectations of Beauty and Appearance

Whether you like it or not, much of your life will be as a result of expectations regarding beauty and appearance. In the modern, tech-savvy world, this insistence on visual appeal can be heightened even further because of all of the available modifications present in the digital realm. People that are older than a particular age group may have a challenging time trying to reconcile these sort of expectations, which is why there is a lot of disconnect between generations currently.

If you’re thinking about the future, and how different expectations will be involved with technology as it relates to beauty, there are plenty of different perspectives you can think about. Robots are becoming more realistic and lifelike. Where is the beauty standard going to be once this perfection has been attained?

Modern cosmetic surgery processes also have adjusted people’s version of what’s beautiful or handsome these days. And, in the digital realm, there are all sorts of filters and photomanipulation possibilities that make it so it’s impossible to tell what is real and what isn’t anymore. Until you see people face-to-face, you may not have any idea what they look like in the real world.

Here Come the Robots

When you think of robots, do you think of beauty? Right now, most typical people will say that they associate robots more with function rather than form. But, the quest for beautiful robots is entering a new phase, and it’s going to be fascinating to see how it develops.

Beautiful robots can be used in several different ways, including as templates for psychological care to make people feel comfortable in specific types of social situations. But, those social situations are entirely constructed based on the interaction with a robot. It’s an exciting relationship that will be more prevalent in the near future.

Cosmetic Surgery

Modern technology is making certain kinds of cosmetic surgery cheaper and more effective. For example, you can get a nose job done with incredible precision for not that much money these days. Your reasons for getting a nose job in the first place don’t even matter. If you have the money to do it, you can adjust your appearance, and technology is here to help you out in ways never before possible. Especially when it comes to seeing your face as a digital representation of before and after, this can be an incredibly useful marketing technique.

Filter and Photomanipulation

It’s safe to say that almost nothing you see online anymore is visually real. Everything has been filtered. Everything has been manipulated. People may even be getting beauty treatments done, so they can specifically match the filtered version of themselves in real life, whether that be getting lip fillers or botox, or possibly even searching for something similar to eyelash extensions Parker CO the influence of filter might be changing the way we see ourselves and beauty both on line and in reality. There are free apps to go on your phone that can so dramatically adjust your appearance that it will look nothing like you in person, and yet this is still how people present themselves online. Certain expectations almost suggest that it is required to do things like whiten your teeth, erase wrinkles and get rid of anything that makes you look less-than-perfect when it comes to posting photos online.