20 July

7 Top Best Online Party Games You Should Play With Friends

Playing online games can help you in different ways. However, you don’t have to be together with friends or family to have a fantastic night. During this pandemic time, instead of going out, you can play online party games with friends. This could be a great way to have fun throughout the night from the […]

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15 July

Virtual Escape Rooms are Just The Activity You Need During Social Distancing

As we look back on those carefree times where we could plan our activities with friends and go to public places without holding back a sneeze, we can’t help but notice how much times have changed, and how much the pandemic has affected the way we work, socialize and unwind. As we slowly slip into […]

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14 July

How generational differences affect the homebuying process

In the past few decades, many processes and ways of life have changed and evolved. One industry that has seen quite a bit of change is real estate. Real estate is constantly shifting and adjusting the way in which it presents homes and other commercial properties to potential buyers. Now that technology controls most of […]

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13 July

5 Tips for Becoming a Pro Online Gamer

Once upon a time, frustrated parents mocked their Nintendo-addicted children that playing video games would never pay the rent one day-boy did they turn out to be wrong. Some of the most successful gamers make millions a year and their paychecks show no signs of slowing down. The truth is that you can make a […]

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25 June

Cheating among Online Chess Players

Statistics of 772,410 players Numerous studies and surveys report about cheating in online chess: Possible reasons 10.1% of all chess players are hackers: they stole games, made moves on behalf of other players and played with known chess computers. 10.2% of all chess players consider the possibility of cheating but never have done it. 8.9% […]

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24 June

How Power BI Report Automation Can Simplify Your Business Intelligence

We increasingly live in a data-driven world. However, not everyone in the world of startups, which depends so heavily on making data-based decisions, has the technical background to automatically thrive in this environment. Companies driven by the expertise of artists, chefs, accountants, designers, and visionaries can easily lack the analytical expertise to move in that […]

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11 June

Top 5 NBN Deals and Bundles

NBN has already been rolled out in most of the regions in Australia, in an attempt to ensure a fast and reliable internet connection for every person living in the country. Along with its rollout though, there have emerged various internet service providers offering a wide range of NBN plans. Because of this, choosing the […]

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27 May

Church Live Streaming: How to Live Stream Using a Church Streaming Software?

This hasn’t happened before! Churches, using church streaming software to broadcast their services, are becoming a reality! The reason why this is happening is because of the devastating effect the pandemic has brought pushing churches and other religious places to close doors! You have your Clergy resources, your online bible study curiculum, et all – […]

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26 May

Taking Your Workforce International

More businesses are embracing the global workforce and looking for ways to capitalize on the knowledge, experience, and expertise of workers around the world. In today’s interconnected world, organizations are expanding their horizons beyond their domestic borders to tap into a diverse talent pool that spans across continents. As companies venture into international markets, they […]

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24 May

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tips – How to Become a Pro Gamer

There is nothing quite like online gaming is there? As people can access sites like VamosGG, the online world of gaming has never been more popular. Not only are they enjoyable, but they also give you the ability to interact with people from all over the world. And when you have the same interests, there […]

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