9 August

Definition of Tech Savvy

Technology savvy (also shortened to tech savvy) is a jargon-free colloquialism often used to describe those who are technologically savvy, and who are able to apply it to various activities. It is used as an alternative to “geek,” which can be derogatory and put some people off. The definition of a person being tech savvy varies from one person to the next. Often times a term like tech savvy is used to define someone who is highly adept at using a particular computer operating system, or a particular piece of technology.

The reason as to why people might ask questions such as these is usually because they are either trying to figure out how to use technology to make their job easier, or to save money. Being tech savvy does not necessarily mean that a person must be technologically proficient, but it does give one an edge when trying to tackle tasks that involve a lot of technological jargon. Technicians will also often use technology savvy speak when presenting information on their products to consumers. They may show off the many features of a product by making large lists of features, or demonstrate how much time it would save for the average consumer if they bought the product.

For example, a physician might be very active on the social network for doctors and also be very proficient in using technology-savvy language while explaining how he plans to implement an EMR software into his practice. Instead of simply telling his patients how this software will streamline their health records, he will explain in great detail how his software will help them find their medications much faster, while decreasing the paperwork. He will try to help them Learn more about EMR for Health Wellness and how it can benefit the functioning of healthcare companies. This example illustrates that doctors do indeed use technology savvy language when they are talking to patients about their healthcare. They are not simply talking about the process of implementing the software. They are also using it as a way to convince their patients that they will find their medications much faster, or that they will save time if they purchase these prescriptions through their practice instead of from a retail store.

Another excellent example of how modern technology is being used today can be seen in the way that people use YouTube to find information. While some sites are still rather hard to navigate, especially computers, it is now possible to search for videos and learn about new products as well as old products. In fact, many medical professionals are using YouTube to educate themselves about certain procedures or medical concerns that they may have.

It is also common for individuals to learn something new about gadgets and apps as well. For example, it is possible to learn how to use the fingerprint feature of a smartphone via Tech Podcasts or YouTube videos. Some individuals are also trying to find new ways to make their Facebook and Twitter accounts more tech-savvy. A person could use their smartphone’s camera to take a photo of something new and then post the image to their social network. Others may simply be trying to find a new way to make money with their Facebook account. Whatever the case may be, it is becoming easier for everyone to be tech-savvy. If you want to find out more things that you can do with your smartphone, then you may want to look at websites like The Apopka Voice and others with similar content, so you can build on your knowledge and perhaps learn something new.

It is clear that the definition of ‘tech-savvy’ is changing rapidly. In fact, the definition may even expand to include not only those who use technology to make life easier, but also those who use technology to make learning more fun and enjoyable. In many dictionaries, ‘tech-savvy’ now refers to those who know how to use technology to the advantage of both themselves and others. The internet has allowed so many people to connect with each other in such a wide variety of ways. We are all able to benefit from having better quality communication, information, shopping options, and so forth. As technology continues to improve, the meaning of technology will likely do the same.