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26 April

Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch for in 2018

There are certain mobile gaming trends that have been gaining a lot of momentum this year, and many of them affect the casual and hardcore gamer alike. Many mobile gamers often look for new apps, novel trends, or reading strategies like these great base layouts for TH12 in order to maximize their gaming experience. To […]

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19 April

Customer Retention in the Tech World

There is perhaps no better industry than the technology industry in retaining customers over long periods of time and sometimes even over an entire lifetime. You don’t even need to look in the direction of something like a web-based platform to see it – something as simple as the light bulbs you use to light […]

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13 April

Using Technology To Improve Workplace Transparency

Workplace transparency is essential. Unfortunately, even with the push over recent years to improve transparency in the modern workplace, many employees still don’t trust their employers. Employees tend to feel a sense of anxiety about what their employer is doing behind the scenes, so to speak. Sometimes, there is good reason for employees to feel […]

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9 April

Why Your Business Should Take Data Security Seriously

Hacking used to be something pursued by a select group of coders looking to show off their skills. These days, however, hacking is big business. By visiting websites such as and similar, you can research into the steps you can take to prevent coders and hackers. Criminal enterprises today are heavily involved in cybercrime. […]

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4 April

Making Money with Cryptocurrencies: The Complete Beginners Guide

Cryptocurrencies are no doubt quite a weird asset to many people who have never invested in it before. What is is exactly? How do you buy it and how and you make money from it? These questions are all warranted and everyone has no doubt posed these questions some time in the past. These are […]

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28 March

Top Gadgets You Need To Bring On Your Next RV Trip

With RV season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning ahead to your next trip. This includes thinking about the places you’d like to visit, researching RV parks and camping sites, saving up your money, and coming up with a reasonable budget. […]

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28 March

Take to Movavi Video Converter to convert MKV files to MP4

Do you have some HD files that you wish to send to mobile devices? It could be some short files or a season of a latest TV series. Now, HD files are generally in the MKV format. But mobile devices do not usually support the superior resolution and huge size of MKV files. The smartest […]

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21 March

5 Pieces of Software Every Business Needs

Without help from technology, most modern businesses would struggle. They rely on the accounting software to maintain the books, cloud-based productivity tools to streamline everyday tasks, and communication software so virtual teams and home-based employees can enjoy flexibility combined with productivity. Similarly, some companies are also known to depend on corporate software like OKR that […]

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20 March

3 Ways to Cut Website Costs without Sacrificing Quality

It doesn’t cost an awful lot to run a website these days, especially with the many online services out there that are looking to compete with each other for your custom. However, there are still running costs involved and, if you’re not careful, these costs could be the difference between your online venture being a […]

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16 March

How technology has affected education

If you have kids in school today, the chances are their classrooms look unlike those you were taught in when you were a schoolchild yourself. Where once groups of children used to huddle around single, painfully slow computers, many schools within your primary school catchment area now ensure that every student has a laptop or […]

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