24 May

Top Four Tricks That Can Turn You Into A Excel-Pro

As per the new social rules, smart is the trend, don’t agree, watch, “The Big Bang Theory” again. People are concentrating on learning technology and the new tricks to do with that, more than ever. Hence, this post, if you work at an office, you must be familiar with a cute little software called Microsoft Excel. So, are you in search of some amazing tips that can help you to work efficiently? If yes, then you have undoubtedly landed at the right place. You might even be searching for somewhere to start, perhaps by taking some microsoft excel training to get you set up and using the software. Many people use courses to give themselves a better understanding of Excel, and sometimes to learn more about specific uses for the software. Here in the post, you will get to know some good tricks of the software that will make you the tech-savvy of your company.

One Left Click

The agenda behind discovering the technology is simple; humans are lethargic, people love to save as much time as they can (for rest of course). For selecting all universal shortcut is Ctrl+A, what’s so unique about it? Nothing, that’s what. Now, when you use excel next time click on the tab, that is right between A cell and 1 cell. All the data on the sheet will be selected in seconds. Magical, right? You can even explore some tech-related websites such as Excelsemipro.Com in order to get more tricks that you can do by one left click.

Shift Swiftly

Nothing in this whole world is more annoying than lifting your hands off the keyboard and using the mouse just to shift between two spreadsheets. This job is very time consuming and irksome too, so a less annoying way is pressing Ctrl + Tab button you will be able to shift spreadsheets in no time. Quicker than the speed of light, just like they want!

The Line Which Matters

Once in a blue moon there comes a day, when you have to draw a diagonal line on an excel spreadsheet. Well, this is actually a tricky one; most of the people who uses excel on daily basis even don’t know it. To draw a diagonal line in excel, go to home-> Font -> Borders-> More Borders-> and there it is a diagonal line, the line which matters, click it save it.

Shooting The Blanks

Blank cells are the just another worrisome thing that can make you pluck out your precious hair like a bald chicken. When you are doing calculations and want to get average of some data, these blank cells can be a real pain. However, you can now shoot the blanks in no time. Click on Data=> Filter=> undo Select All=> Select the last option on the list (Blanks). All the blanks are visible now, happy shooting.

Ending Note

So, these are the top four tricks that can turn your life around in your office, where they will now call you a tech genius. Winning this is easy now, thanks to this blog but this amazing title is too heavy to retain. The day will come when someone, somewhere will know a trick you won’t and that will be the day when the title will be snatched from you. This makes it more important to keep updated.

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