28 March

Top Gadgets You Need To Bring On Your Next RV Trip

With RV season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning ahead to your next trip.

This includes thinking about the places you’d like to visit, researching RV parks and camping sites, saving up your money, and coming up with a reasonable budget.

And it also includes thinking about the various gadgets and gear that you’d like to bring with you. While most ‘gadgets and gear’ are definitely not necessary for traveling in a motorhome, they can still help to enhance your overall traveling experience.

Obviously these gadgets will only really be used when you are in your RV. But the beauty of all of them is that they are small enough to be stored in your RV whilst you aren’t using it. Hopefully you have somewhere safe to store your RV, which will keep these gadgets safe should you purchase them. If you don’t, you might want to take a look at wildhorseselfstorage.com to see the best storage units Pueblo West has to offer as an example of what to look out for.

Here are the top gadgets you need to bring on your next RV trip:

Portable Solar Charging Device

Portable solar charging devices do exactly as the name suggests: they use solar energy to charge any USB device, such as your phone or tablet. They have become much more common in recent years and are widely available at reasonable prices. Just make sure that your devices are compatible.

Folding Camp Chairs

Okay, do folding camp chairs really count as gadgets? Maybe not, but they are still definitely an excellent item to bring with you on an RV trip due to their affordability, ease of folding and transport, and the fact that they are easy to set up.

Handheld Vacuum

Going on an RV trip means you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time in the great outdoors, which in turn means you’re going to bring dirt into your RV when you step back in. Sure, having a broom is great, but a handheld vacuum with powerful suction will be the best tool to truly eliminate unwanted dirt and debris form your floor. A rechargeable vacuum cleaner will definitely be preferable.

Instant Pot

Instant pot devices combine a crock pot, slow cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, and steamer all together. This is one of the most overlooked and yet important kitchen items for RVers to have, and it enables you to make an entire hot meal that will feed a family (and without making a mess). Examples of what you can make in an instant pot include rice, pulled pork, or shredded chicken.

Portable Air Compressor

You never truly know when you’ll need to inflate your RV’s tires, and it’s important to be ready for it. This is why having a portable air compressor kit designed specifically for RV’s will be an important component of your arsenal. Specifically make sure that your compressor can handle higher pressure tires up to a hundred and fifty PSA or more. Making sure that your tires are inflated is the number one way to avoid blowouts on the road, which are never fun to deal with.

NOTE: you can also invest in a tire pressure monitor system to keep an eye on the tire pressure in your tires while you’re behind the wheel.

The Best Gadgets To Bring On Your RV Trip

These are just five of the best gadgets that you will want to bring with you on your next RV trip.

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