29 November

3 Signs You’re Addicted to Technology

When most people think of dangerous addictions, the first thing that comes to mind is heavy drugs or gambling. However, the reality is that technology can be incredibly addictive, and even destructive if you don’t use it wisely. Many people don’t realize how addictive technology can be because it’s such an integral part of so […]

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11 November

What Will the Future Bring?

When we peer into the horizon of future technology, the possibilities are boundless. The curiosity to transform our world through innovation fuels our drive to explore what lies ahead. In this article, we’ll learn various tips to reimagine the present with a focus on future technologies. 1. Adopt the Vision: To start a journey of […]

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5 October

Python’s Biggest Challenges

Python is among the popular programming languages used to develop desktop and web-based apps. This high-level, versatile, and open-source language can be used for various purposes. However, it is used primarily for back-end web development, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. Compared to other programming languages, Python is considerably easier to learn and user-friendly. Python has […]

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4 October

How Blockchain Technology Promises To Revolutionize Gaming

NFT and ERC721 tokens are not only helpful to the gaming industry, but other blockchain features can also be used by the industry to improve them, taking the example of esports that use blockchain technology. If you are not sure what NFTs are and how they factor in, you may want to look and see […]

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13 September

Finding Out More About Microsoft Tech Talks

Microsoft Tech Talks is a worldwide, two-hour long teleconference held annually. There are several well-known local event venues that host Microsoft Tech Talks on a regular basis. These world-class subject matter experts provide the latest, greatest information on the latest technologies that Microsoft offers. If you have an interest in technology and would like to […]

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16 August

How to Promote Your Blogging Site – Make Money With Tech News Blogs

Promote Tech News to get new visitors to your site and build a community around your site. Share the news with your friends and use it as a forum to discuss new technology. Let others know about the news so they can spread it to their friends. You can use the news to announce new […]

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9 August

Definition of Tech Savvy

Technology savvy (also shortened to tech savvy) is a jargon-free colloquialism often used to describe those who are technologically savvy, and who are able to apply it to various activities. It is used as an alternative to “geek,” which can be derogatory and put some people off. The definition of a person being tech savvy […]

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24 June

How Power BI Report Automation Can Simplify Your Business Intelligence

We increasingly live in a data-driven world. However, not everyone in the world of startups, which depends so heavily on making data-based decisions, has the technical background to automatically thrive in this environment. Companies driven by the expertise of artists, chefs, accountants, designers, and visionaries can easily lack the analytical expertise to move in that […]

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11 June

Top 5 NBN Deals and Bundles

NBN has already been rolled out in most of the regions in Australia, in an attempt to ensure a fast and reliable internet connection for every person living in the country. Along with its rollout though, there have emerged various internet service providers offering a wide range of NBN plans. Because of this, choosing the […]

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13 May

Best Business Gadgets For Your Budding Operation

Having the right devices and tech gadgets on hand for your business grants new abilities and efficiency for production.  Technology is the best way to get the job done better and faster, and it’s wise to make sure your staff have the most capable devices on the market.   Finding the best on the market is […]

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