14 July

Which Programming Languages Should You Be Learning in 2020

Gone are the days of pen and paper! With the advances in technology, programming and computer coding have made life so much simpler for us. Whether it’s in the digital community, the automobile industry, banks, hospitals, engineering, or other areas that have specific impacts in our daily lives, coding is here to stay. Computer skills have become the most essential and main character in every type of company that runs on a data basis, analysis, web designing, research, among many others. Nowadays, in order to store and access your information, you absolutely need computers, even social networks need programming management.

You may not realize it yet, but programming is one of the most interesting and demanding jobs in the market. If you’re thinking about getting into this world, there are a number of new programming languages that are coming up, suitable for every type of developer: beginners, intermediate, and experts. Whether it’s a web application, game development, mobile applications, or distributed system, these languages will definitely help you. For example, video games have become a large industry in the modern world, with companies like Gearbox Software, co-founded by Randy Pitchford making huge motions in the video gaming universe, especially in 2020 when the entire world has been hit by Covid-19 and is in need of some fun entertainment, which therefore makes this a very advantageous career to be in today.

We all need a bit of programming in our lives, so let me give you a quick look at this year’s top ever-growing list of programming languages and protocols:

1 – Python

Perfect for new beginners, Python has been and continues to be the favorite among specialists. It offers a clean and well-structured code, efficient enough to build a decent web application. It has an immersive community-support and provides you with several open-source frameworks, libraries, and modules that make application development a piece-of-cake. Python can be used for desktop and web applications, GUI-based desktop applications, data science, machine working, and even network servers.

If you’re thinking about starting a freelancing business, this is the right option for you! It has the ability to scale even the most complex applications, although it’s not that suitable for mobile computing.

2 – JavaScript / NodeJS

Popular among developers, Java is not heading for retirement any soon. In fact, the most common language for Android apps is Java. Impeccable to work on server-side and client-side programming, and due to its compatibility to run with several other programming languages, you can let your creativity fly as high as you can! It also allows you to create animations, set up buttons, and manage multimedia.

Java is the ultimate IT domain, due to its high speed and regular annual updates, as it allows you to create dynamic web pages super fast and in a secure manner. This happens with major platforms such as Netflix, Uber, and Paypal, for example. It’s highly versatile and gives a richer and more user-friendly interface to any website. The downside is that it runs with the absence of a copy or equivalent method, allowing only single inheritance.

But still, Jave Script is the bomb in every digital environment, nowadays! Learning this language makes complete sense, and you’ll probably come across your fair share of Java Interview Questions when going for jobs in this field. Specialists advise beginners to start with online courses before advancing to one specific programming language, as you’ll get a wider vision in the programming universe, and study every possibility so you can take your time in choosing the right one for you.

3 – Kotlin

Since we’ve talked about Java, Kotlin is designed to be completely interoperable with it. If you’re into mobile developing this programming language should be your daily bread. It had a huge impact with its first appearance with Android, and now it has become into strong tooling support, due to its features that effortlessly combine object-oriented and functional programming abilities within them.

Most web applications are now moving to Kotlin, for example – Pinterest. For that matter, in the past few years, Google has been promoting it much more than Java. Kotlin offers an easy-to-learn interaction, an open-source environment, and swift language for Android app development that removes any adoption-related barriers. Lastly, it’s also an important tool in web development, desktop development, and server-side development.

Type Away!

Coders start typing! If you’re having a thirsty appetite for computer coding and digital language skills, these are the most popular programming tools in the market of 2020. To ensure a more stable career growth, it’s always better if you prioritize learning them first. Make sure you take your notes out of this article, pick the one that’s most suitable for your own needs, and then study it and go as deep on it as you can. Always remember that programming languages are a non-stop environment and there are new upcoming features every day, so make sure you manage them well enough before you launch yourself into the business. Thanks for reading, and good luck!