9 February

The Best Mario Party Games of All Time

Whatever age you are and whether you’ve ever picked a controller up in your life, you know who Mario is. This small mustached plumber has made his name popular worldwide and has many great games with him and his friends. From the first Mario game till now, all the games in this Nintendo franchise have sold millions of copies and have given gamers hundreds of hours of fun. Gamers can even find and play older Mario titles from the Gameboy era by visiting a site similar to Gamulator (gamulator.com/roms/game-boy). There are so many games in the Mario franchise, so here are the best Mario games (that you can play as friends or in a party) of all time, so far at least.

New Super Mario Bros

With the Nintendo DS came one of the greatest Mario games, with level upon level to discover and gain three stars. As always Mario is trying to rescue the princess Peach from the evil Bowser. There is also a great multiplayer mode for all Nintendo users to connect with each other. The graphics were a breath of fresh air from the older consoles, and you can still buy it for the 3DS and Wii U. This game has been out from 2006 and is still going strong in 2018, hence why it is one of the greatest Mario games of all time.

Mario Party

Of course, as far as Mario games are concerned, this had to make the list. This is a great one to play with your family and friends with the ability to play hundreds of mini games and beat your friends again and again. This game was available on a variety of platforms such as the Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS and Wii. This game guarantees hours of fun for kids and adults alike and has a variety of game boards to play on, so every game is different!

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

There are many of Mario’s chums that have games out there including Luigi and Donkey Kong – for more information on Donkey Kong’s latest game, check out Game Guide World. This game isn’t one of the most well-known Mario franchise games, but it is a great and fun one to play with friends and family and even on your own. Available for the Wii console, this has a variety of small minigames and quests to complete, is an ideal game for the interactivity of the Wii and can have you in fits of laughter with your friends.

Mario & Sonic Olympic Franchise

Another great one for the kids to play, there are two Mario and Sonic games, the London 2012 Olympic games and the Winter Olympic games. These are fun interactive games and you will have hours of fun trying to beat each other’s high score and racing down the slope with your favorite Mario and Sonic characters. This game is available on the Wii, Wii U and Nintendo DS and is always a great one to come out when watching the Olympics.

Whichever Mario game you decide to play, you are bound to have tons of fun. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other Mario games you can enjoy.

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