15 February

Coolest Mobile Gadgets That Are Perfect for Small Business Owners

You have a lot to think about as a small business owner, especially when it comes to tech. You have to decide if your company needs a CTO, who’s going to build your website, and what kind of app you want to design.

Those are vital things to think about, but they aren’t very much fun because they take a lot of time and money. But, not all tech is stressful. In between thinking about all that stuff, have a little fun and check out some of the coolest mobile gadgets that will make your life more convenient!

Lumina Power Bank

As a business owner, you’ll probably find yourself on the go quite a bit. It can be a nightmare to be away from the office and discover that your phone is dying.

Car chargers can help, but what if you’re at the airport, the local coffee shop, or in a meeting? There’s no need to desperately search for an outlet if you have the Lumina power bank.

This portable charger has an impressive 15000 mAh battery. That means you can fully charge your phone four times before it needs to be recharged!

Not only can you charge your cell phone on the go, you can charge other devices too. It features two USP outputs so you can charge your tablet at the same time.

1byone Foldable Keyboard

Cell phones and tablets are computers unto themselves, so why are you still lugging around a laptop computer? It’s probably because your laptop has word processing capabilities, but your mobile devices don’t.

Ditch the laptop and download a word processing app instead. Then, get the 1byone foldable keyboard.

This keyboard features a tri-fold design so it can easily be placed in a bag or even a pocket. It features a Li-ion battery which means it can be used for an impressive 114 days before it needs to be recharged. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard too, so there’s no need to carry around a pesky cord.


As a small business owner, you make purchases all the time, and many of those purchases are being made online. Unfortunately, entering your credit card information can be dangerous.

There are a few things you can do to keep your credit card numbers safe when you purchase things online, but you can take things one step further with the SmartSwipe.

This device bypasses keyloggers and possible malware by encrypting your data before it even gets to your computer. Not to mention, you’ll save time. It’s a lot quicker and easier to swipe your card than it is to manually enter your credit card number every time you want to make a purchase!

Tech doesn’t just have to be something that you put on your to-do list. Finding and using the right gadgets can be a lot of fun! The gadgets on this list will save you time, and they’ll make you the talk of the next board meeting.

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