16 March

The 5 Top Keap Alternatives and Competitors in 2021: With Price Analysis!

If you are a small and growing company, the word CRM must have been pitched to you every now and again. Let us explain why before we dive into the world of feature heavy and price attractiveKeap alternatives. As a business owner, you would always be looking for ways to grow in an efficient and cost effective manner. The best way to do so is to be organized more than anything else. The way to do this is to take stock of the following:

  • Your main teams and their functions;
  • The revenue you are looking at achieving;
  • The information and data that you require in order to match the functionality and revenue streams.

When you do the above exercise, you will find that no matter what you do, the rate of growth will always fall short since your team would be spending more of its time doing all the mundane and monotonous tasks that can such their energy and efforts dry – not to mention, leave them lacking time when it comes to exercising their core skills to engage your customer for a better rate of conversion in a timely and smooth manner. This is where the Keap competitors and the CRM world comes into the picture. 

The world of CRM and automation is one that offers you countless opportunities in a small investment. This would, of course, depend on the price points including the Keap pricing that would have to be a good fit with the budget you would have allocated for such activities. But as a rule of thumb, every organization must make space for a platform like Keap or at least an alternative to Keap so as to ensure that business success comes in a fast and constant manner indeed. 

Why do you need CRM and Keap alternatives?

The answer to this is a simple one. We started out with the fact that every business needs organization to succeed. The Keap competitors – namely, the other CRM platforms – would be able to organize all your contacts and their information including your interactions with them, in a way that would help in carrying out each function by each team and its members. How would this help you? This would help in making the efficiency and the rate of conversions that much better and faster, respectively. In turn, this would help in the following:

  • Superior business performance;
  • Faster business growth;
  • More revenues in shorter time;
  • Better profitability;
  • Sure shot scalability. 

Now that we have understood all of the benefits attached to the CRM platform that you choose, let us understand the Keap pricing model before we move on to the other alternatives to Keap. 

There are three distinct plans that Keap CRM offers for various kinds of business owners and sizes of businesses. To begin with, the Keap Grow plan is the perfect one for startups and small businesses. It starts at an affordable price point of $0 and you can add expert training for $99. The free charge lasts for a trial period. This plan allows you to conduct email marketing and to create proposals for a number of clients. You can then upgrade to the Keap Pro Plan which also starts at $0 for a trial period before it bills you for $499 for expert training and other add ons. This plan includes everything from the previous plan along with other features like marketing and sales automation as well as a landing page builder tool. The InfusionSoft Plan has been named after the erstwhile brand name and it is priced at $999 as a one time payment after you avail the free trial period for $0. This plan also includes ECommerce support along with lead scoring and complete CRM. 

As one can see, the Keap pricing model is quite high and one would need more alternatives to Keap. Here are some Keap competitors whom you can consider for your CRM and automation needs:

EngageBay: This would be one of the more superior alternatives to Keap since it has a number of features that can help you reach the pinnacle of your entrepreneurial dreams. You can use their automation features for $0 for a 1000 contacts and their highest package or plan is priced at $47.99. 

Send Pulse: The pricing on this platform is quite flexible and it begins with $0 before going on to $5600 as you keep adding thousand contacts. This helps you scale up and down depending on the demand that you have internally for that particular. Yet, it is still not the most affordable platform for CRM and automation. 

Insightly: This platform also comes with three plans that start at $29 before going on to $49 and then $99 for the enterprise level plan. This is not a very affordable pricing model either, if one were to compare it with other platforms like EngageBay. 

AWeber: AWeber has two distinct plans – free and Pro. While the free plan allows you to sue some limited features at no charge at all, you will find that the Pro plan is one that gives you a few features from email to list building and landing pages. These do not amount to much when you look at the price point of $16.15 per month. 

PipeDrive: The popularity of this platform has been on the rise for a while and it delivers a few essential plans that range from the Essential priced at $12.50 to the advanced plan at $24.90 and the professional plan at $49.90 before it offers the enterprise plan at $99 which essentially seeks to give you a few advanced features. This is not the most affordable pricing model forKeap competitors. 

The above analysis clearly shows that EngageBay truly delivers the good at a super affordable price point that can easily be used by varied professionals and businesses the world over for a very small fee that would grow businesses.