17 March

Invest in Google AdWords for Your Brand

Although the Google advertising platform has been renamed ‘Google Ads’, there’s a reason we used the old name in the title of this article. Google has always stressed quality website content. Their website ranking system considers quality as a significant component of the algorithm used in how the rankings are determined.

The term ‘Google AdWords‘ reminds advertisers that the content of the ads, whether visuals, videos or written words, should be informative and relevant. The words should deliver the same tone of voice and use the same positive message of the website that the ad refers potential customers back to.

Basis of Pay-Per-Click

When Google first introduced its ad platform to the world, it also introduced the term ‘pay-per-click’ or PPC. PPC ads worked on a business model where you only paid for ads when users clicked on them. The way companies obtained the choice ad spaces in highly competitive marketplaces was to bid on the keywords used in the ads.

The more often the keywords appeared in the terms users keyed in to hunt for a brand’s products, the higher the price. By using this business model with their advertisers, they were making the shopping experience more direct and faster for the users. Also, many marketing companies (such as iTonic Digital Marketing) offer these PPC services to brands that require them as part of their marketing strategy.

Users keyed in terms that were widely used in finding products more frequently and in far greater numbers. Google AdWords was using the words in the ads to define the prices charged on their advertising platform and to ensure that the users found what they were looking for faster and easier. Additionally, the use of third-party cookies enabled Google to remember user actions and data which then would make it easier for the platform to reach targeted audiences for specific ads. If you’d like to learn more about third party cookies you can head to https://us.epsilon.com/resources/third-party-cookies or similar blogs for more information.

Although Google, at the same time, wasn’t penalising advertisers whose ads didn’t resonate with their intended audience. Google AdWords existed as a platform where the clicks rewarded the customer as well as the advertiser, and Google got paid on top of it.

Honing the Concept

As digital marketing agencies become used to the concept, they got better at designing ads that were rewarded with a good ranking as well. This is how they helped their clients extend their marketing budget and get more for their money.

Google AdWords became a platform where everyone was rewarded for quality in advertising. Through Google shopping feed, most experienced agencies know how to save their clients the most money by designing top-quality, eye-catching ads and combining this with a winning strategy of bidding on the most highly sought-after keywords. Combining these approaches into a multi-faceted marketing strategy saves their clients money on individual ads. It helps them stretch their marketing budget to cover more ads for additional products and services.

All the different facets of Google’s ad platform have been combined under the name ‘Google Ads’. The name represents the collective applications, including Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, and Google Ads Manager Accounts.

Today, the best digital marketing agencies are also those most skilled in using all of the supporting tools offered by Google. The most advanced of these are qualified to become a Google Partner agency. Partner with one of these advanced and experienced agencies when investing in Google Ads for your brand.