25 January

Tech Changing the World of Remote Work

For the fortunate many that have made the adjustment to a permanent remote working schedule, there’s certainly no going back as opportunities to either work a flexible schedule or entirely remote have been long desired – even those that have source out an office away from home as digital nomads continue to reap the benefits of change too with some more resources here around the best way to approach this lifestyle emerge. There have been some much-needed tech improvements particularly in software too, and future improvements will continue to change the world of remote work in the future too as a four-day work week may be the next big change introduced.

Slack & Teams – Being able to effectively communicate with the team is essential whether in the office or out of the office, and both Slack & Teams have been used for quite some time to do this – but it has been extremely effective and essential for those working remotely. In order to stay on top of tasks, organize meetings, and to communicate through messages with the rest of the team are why both are at the top of the list for services to use for effective work management.

Zoom and others – Whilst inter team communication is important, connecting with clients and potential clients is just as important too – Teams and Slack are both great choices for this but may not always have the best accessibility for those outside of the organization, and this is where platforms like Zoom have become invaluable. From work to school and everything in between, video chat platforms like Zoom will continue to change the face of remote work into the future as remote conferencing becomes the norm, and the platforms evolve to include more features to make doing so even easier too. There are now companies that even provide virtual corporate team building events through video and other online platforms, taking the remote work paradigm to the next level with fun-filled experiences!

Suite, Drive, and the entire cloud – Not all workplaces had to make use of cloud storage in the past, internal networking and storage could often be enough whether big or small, but have now become a mandatory tool – sharing work files across the cloud as and when needed ensures all work is kept up to date, but in the case of platforms like G Suite also means giving easy and regular access to many individuals at a time and making necessary adjustments without needing to send files back and forth, and will continue to play a vital role for remote workers and remote businesses alike. To bring all of this technology into action, companies may need to look for IT Consulting firms who can provide the proper means to use remote tech tools in a secure yet quick way.

There’s no doubt that new tools will also emerge in time to fill the new niches that are forming, and those able to get ahead with not only discovering which tools fill these niches but also evolving the tools too, may play a key role in remote work development.