29 May

3 Ways Technology Can Help You Better Manage Your Money

Effectively managing money is one of the hardest things that many people struggle with. With things like credit, loans, and more, it can be easy to lose track of how much money you actually have and wind up spending more than you should have. But luckily, thanks to technology, there are now simple ways to […]

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14 May

How Technology Is Helping People Make Face Masks

When you are looking for ways to protect yourself and your family, you should look at home you can buy and wear face masks. You can order face masks so that you can remain healthy, and you should try to make sure that you have found a way to make sure that you are creating […]

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8 April

How AI Has Changed The Tech Industry

“Hey, Alexa! Set an alarm for 7 A.M.” Or “Hey, Siri! Play Africa by Toto on Spotify.” While we fight over, which is better-Alexa or Siri, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has conquered us all. All of us encounter AI on a daily basis. From Google maps to Sophia, the first robot to get citizenship, we see […]

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1 April

Which Cars of the Future Are the Best for the Environment?

There are two things you are probably concerned about. One, how do you get from one place to another by vehicle? Two, how can you leave a smaller negative impact on the world around you as far as pollution goes? Even if those sound like unrelated topics offhand, you can multitask by combining those two […]

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20 March

Internet Of Things In The Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is all about making connections. Whether it’s flying passengers to their destinations or carrying cargo through the supply chain, aircraft are essential for connecting people and commerce. With the invention of the internet, airline operations have looked for the ways it could efficiency, customer service, and sales. From being able to book […]

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20 March

Women In STEM: The Strides & Challenges Today

Given the tenor of the times, it stands to reason that men and women should be represented equally in the fields of STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However, for a number of reasons, this has not traditionally been the case. For generations, these disciplines were considered best suited for men, and young women […]

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10 March

Tech Tips To Grow Your Small Business

You already know that technology moves at the speed of light, and your business will need to harness the power of today’s technology to grow.  The application of the knowledge is the challenge.   Too often, small businesses stunt their growth with outdated tech tools.  Take the time to make certain that your business is utilizing […]

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24 February

Tech Trends Influencing Business Presentations of The Future

How can you engage your audience with your business presentations, not losing them along the way to monotonous rambling? Gone are the days of data filled slides, and paragraphs upon paragraphs of information. With technological advancements and increased digitalisation here to stay, we’ve seen more innovative presentation techniques than ever before, from AR to colour […]

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30 January

Look at the Types of Penetration Testing And How They Work

According to a study conducted by the University of Maryland, hackers attack every 39 seconds – meaning, on average, you could be exposed to around 2,244 cyber threats per day. If you have weak spots in your system – ones that leaves your sensitive data exposed to hackers – even a single attack could leave […]

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7 January

Online Businesses That Are Changing the World

The online business world today is thriving in various areas. Because the Internet made everything easier for us, it was only a matter of time before unique services will be available on this platform. And it is not just the business world that thrives. Social media development enabled people around the world to feel closer […]

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