28 September

Best Apple-Macintosh Products Available In 2018

Apple products have been entertaining us for years.  More than just entertainment; Apple products have brought order and efficiency to our work, our communication, and many other aspects of everyday life.  

If you’re an Apple fan, then you want to know just what the company has to offer for every tech need in your life.  Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon a gold mine of Mac information.  Read through this short summary of some of the best Apple-Macintosh products available this year, and start early on your Christmas list.  

MacBook Pro 15”

Often referred to as the most powerful MacBook ever released, the MacBook Pro 15” comes equipped with a 6-core Intel Core i7-i9 processor, 16-32GB of RAM, Retina display, and up to 4 terabytes of storage.  

If you have plenty of cash to spare, the MacBook Pro will give you the best performance for your buck.  It has a hexa-core 8th-gen Coffee Lake processor that can handle anything you can throw its way.

iMac 21.5” Desktop

The iMac 21.5” Desktop computer is great for keeping everything in order at home.  It’s Dual-core Intel i5-i7 processor, 8-32GB of RAM, and 4K UHD Retina IPS display has everything you need for a home computer.  

The hard drive also comes with a terabyte of storage space.  Even the entry-level version of this product is a high-quality machine.

Mac Mini (2014)

The most affordable Mac machine you’ll ever purchase is the Mac Mini, released in early 2014.  The Mac Mini has a dual-core Intel Core i5-i7 processor, Intel Iris Graphics, 4-16GB of RAM, 500GB of storage, and plenty of hardware to keep your programs running smooth.  

The best thing about the Mac Mini is that you can get one for just under $500, and they’re small enough to fit in your tote bag.  This small package comes with a big bang for your buck.

Apple Watches

Apple Watches are soon to be re-released with a larger display and a more accurate heart rate monitoring function.  The Apple Watch is such a hot topic among techies that even those who favor Microsoft products secretly dream of owning their own Apple Watch.  

The Apple Watch can monitor your heart rate (as aforementioned), send text messages to your loved ones, play music via Bluetooth, and much, much more.  There’s really no reason to have any other mobile device when you have an Apple Watch.

iPads for everyone

iPads are produced in a suitable manner for all ages.  Your two-year-old can sit and play for long spans of time with a child-safe version of the iPad.  You can play movies, games, and music on your iPad. The iPad is most certainly a valuable travel buddy, especially if you have small children.