24 September

Common Tech-Related Illnesses And Conditions

Often people sing the praises of advances in technology, but the trends revolving around tech development are beginning to show signs of physical impact on those who are most immersed. Working in an office day after day can add up to some pretty unpleasant physical impairments, and it’s important that you know the possible risks.

Educate yourself on the possible issues that could develop when you fill your time with technology and mobile gadgets. Here is a quick breakdown of some common tech-related illnesses and conditions.

Carpal Tunnel in the wrists

Thousands of hours spent craning your wrists on a keyboard in the office can take a real toll on the structure of your hands and wrists. Carpal Tunnel occurs when swelling or damage around the tiny bones in your wrists causes pressure on sensitive tendons and nerves.

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel syndrome includes having the patient wear wrist braces which apply pressure in strategic areas to reduce swelling and associated pain. Nutrition can also play a part in helping relieve Carpal Tunnel, so taking a look at carpal tunnel foods to avoid will help alleviate some of that pain as well as make you feel a lot healthier.

Increased acne from smartphones

You may not automatically connect the two, but the increased usage of your smartphone can be the root of your widespread acne. Think about it for just a moment. The smooth touch screen of your smartphone is a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria.

Every time you pick up your phone to make a call, you firmly press the screen of your smartphone against your cheek. The repeated smearing of the oils and germs placed there by all the tapping and touching of the screen isn’t at all helpful towards eliminating acne.

Tendonitis from Blackberry Thumb

If you were still wondering, BlackBerry thumb is an actual problem caused by that tiny little rolling ball included in the phone’s design. Those who stuck with the BlackBerry’s design for many years often experience stress injuries to their thumbs.

The stress injury inflicted by rolling and pressing on a small circumference ball can lead to tendonitis, a painful issue with the tendons in your lower arms.

Radiation from mobile waves

You may think it’s science fiction, but what you’ve heard about mobile phones and radiation waves is probably mostly true. Cell phones do emit some radiation, but there has not yet been enough research to definitively prove the long-term physical effects.

However, there has been a clear implication that some people are more sensitive to radiation waves emitted by technology than others. There are research that says your cell phone can emit a type of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on body tissues close to it when you sleep. You can remedy this to an extend by adopting few lifestyle changes like placing your phone away while sleeping or opting battery-powered alarm over mobile phone alarm. If you find it hard to follow such methods, you can try using anti-radiation phone covers which can give the best EMF protection.

Severe neck pain and problems

Smartphone users spend hours every day craning their necks, looking down at their cell phone screens. Tilting your head as little as ten degrees forward can cause chronic malalignment in your neck and undue pain.

Try your best to develop ergonomically correct smartphone habits, and spend a little less time cracking out on mobile games if possible. Your neck and back will thank you over time.