17 August

4 Ways To Connect With Your Audience On Social Media

Nowadays, a website alone isn’t enough to market your business. It’s important that in addition to creating a business website that you also have a strong social media presence.   Having a Facebook page is a great place to start. Once you start establishing yourself on this well-known platform, you can move on to others like Instagram and Twitter. 

Rather than settling for a few followers, you should try to gain as much of an audience as possible. Here are some of the best tactics for getting your audience to connect, engage and above all, grow.

Reply To Comments 

It’s easy to post something on your page and expect people to comment. However, it takes more time and thought to individually reply to each comment that your followers make. Engaging one on one is a great way to build trust between you and your audience. 

Rather than using canned responses, try to use a more individualized approach. Address what your customer is talking about specifically and take the time to get to know them. 

If you don’t have enough time to handle your social media interactions, then you should outsource the job to someone else. Even though paying someone else for social media management may seem like a waste of resources, it’s much more important than you might like to think. With the implementation of social media management software so much can be achieved that will propel social media presence and audience interaction, bringing in the traffic needed.

Time Your Posts 

Believe it or not, many of the posts that you see with thousands of likes aren’t popular by accident. The reason that they are so successful is because they were posted carefully. Timing your posts ensures that you’re sharing content at the ideal time of the day. 

There are third-party applications that will help you time your posts according to when your followers are most active. The way that social media algorithms work is the more interaction your post has, the more it will be visible to your followers on their feed. 

Encourage Your Followers To Share 

The unique thing about social media as opposed to a traditional website, is that it allows your audience to share with you. Create brand loyalty by encouraging your followers to share photos and stories of themselves using your product or service. They can either use a hashtag or mention your handle in any of their posts. A great way to give people an incentive to do so is to offer a giveaway. When people have the chance to win something by mentioning your business, the more inclined they are to share. 

Post Shareable Content 

Don’t make the mistake of using social media only to advertise your brand. Post shareable and relatable content that people will appreciate and share. Creating content that people can apply to their everyday lives and find interesting is more likely to lead new followers back to your page.