14 December

4 Tips For Creating a Buzz Online

“Buzz” is a word for something that people are talking about. Whether it’s buzz about a business, or a project, or even a film, a buzz helps generate attention.  While there are many traditional methods of getting a buzz going, there are some other tactics that people may be less familiar with. 

If you currently have something that you want to get the word out about, then follow these tips for creating an online buzz. 

Put Content On YouTube 

YouTube is an important place to get your content seen. Producer Heidi Houston knows the importance of this popular platform’s reach for marketing her documentary film.  Using valuable outlets like YouTube is the best possible way to ensure that you reach an audience of global proportions. 

YouTube functions off of keywords, and if you choose the right ones, you can get millions of views in no time. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for maximum visibility. 

Partner With an Influencer  

There’s nothing like a popular online personality to vouch for you. When a popular account with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers is willing to share your content, it can easily become an internet sensation. 

Your post is more likely to spread if it starts on an account that has a large outreach. Until you get that kind of outreach yourself, the next best thing you can do is partner with someone who already does. 

Many influencers are willing to mention your product for a small fee, or perhaps for something in exchange. It helps to reach out to several influencers of interest and compare the best possible deal. They have a huge following, and might also buy Tiktok likes and subscribers to keep their account engaged in the best possible way. Influencer marketing is thus the ultimate way of spreading the word about your product.

Be Relatable 

If you come across as someone who is merely trying to spam people with your content, then it usually won’t spread very quickly. However, if you are relatable and genuine, then people will naturally gravitate towards your project or feature. The fact of the matter is that audiences resonate with something relatable. Be real and try to identify with other people through authenticity. 

Use Interactive Content 

One of the smartest ways to get people involved in your cause is to give them the opportunity to get involved. Invite people to share their own ideas and stories, and your viewership will significantly increase. You can do anything from posting questions as a photo caption inviting people to answer in the comments to asking people to contribute to a poll. 

The idea is to invite people to engage. Ask them what their opinions are on things, and usually, people will start to get excited.  Above all, stay committed. Failing to put in a consistent effort will result in your chances of going viral much lower.