27 July

Tech Tools To Guide You Through Your Next Home Improvement Project

Owning a home is an exciting part of life, and putting some elbow grease into your home is even more exciting. And, even the amount of elbow grease needed might be less than you think now that there are products like peel and stick wallpaper and a whole variety of different technologies to help you decorate. When you have the chance to take part in building and renewing parts of your home, it somehow becomes more of a home along the way. Some things, such as lawn maintenance, are ongoing and so you may want to entrust this task to professional services such as trugreen to get your home’s exterior looking its best.

Furthermore, mixing the power of today’s technology with your vision for your home grants the opportunity for excellence. Take a minute now to check out a few tech tools to help guide you through your next home improvement project.

3-D modeling and walkthrough technology

Using a modeling program, homeowners can easily get a realistic view of their planned home improvements before investing large sums of money to achieve a certain aesthetic.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before diving head first into a renovation, and check out what 3-D modeling technology has to offer your journey.

Widespread access to resources

The IoT (Internet of Things) is in itself a valuable resource for homeowners looking to upgrade their pad. The web gives you the ability to find contractors with good ratings, instead of running off a hit or miss type of mentality.

You can be more sure that the people you are hiring to work on your home are well qualified to get the job done right when you have hundreds of former customers letting you know how the job went at their home.

Mobile applications for color identification

There is a large range of mobile apps you can download to help with the work as well. You can get a digital leveler for hanging pictures, a mobile tape measure app, and applications that will teach you more about color than you ever thought possible.

If you’re working to obtain a contemporary design for the interior of your home, there are plenty of mobile apps that will help you find the perfect colors to achieve the look you seek. Download a color identifier today to get a feel for the potential.

Electronic stud finders

The Walabot Stud Finder will help you complete all the interior design your heart desires with precision. Gone are the days of punching several holes in the wall before getting it right.

This electronic stud finder can give you a clear look through drywall, concrete, and other building materials, so there’s no surprises once the work begins.

Get the Coolbox Toolbox

The Coolbox Toolbox is the world’s smartest toolbox, and it gives you some pretty cool tech perks. You can use the box to play music while you work, charge your smartphone, and even keep your beer cold with this toolbox. Investing in the Coolbox will give you a little high-tech fun to infuse with the hard labor, making everything a little easier.