25 April

Ideas to Take Advantage of Screen Recording in Different Ways

Screen recording has been growing in popularity – and not just as a way to create video content. As screen recording has become more accessible, with many companies like Loom providing it as a business tool these days, people have started to come up with numerous ideas and ways to take advantage of it.

Knowing some of the different ways to take advantage of screen recording may even help you to see how it could be useful to you:

  • Record videos of problems and issues to get help

How often have you had a problem with a software and struggled to try to put it into words? Instead of stumbling over yourself to find the best way to explain it – why not record a video of it instead?

Not only will recording a video using screen recording be faster, but it will be much more effective as people will be able to ‘see’ the problem you’re facing. It is useful not only when you’re dealing with tech support, but also will enable you to get help from social media or the various tech support forums that are out there.

  • Save important online video calls

Do you like to talk to your friends and family via video calls on Skype or Google Hangouts? Maybe you even hold important business discussions using them as well?

For some time now the big downside of having important conversations via video call is that they are difficult to save and there is no real record of them (unlike email or instant messaging). That can be addressed if you use screen recording, as it will let you simply record any ongoing video call directly from your screen.

  • ‘Download’ any online streaming videos from any source

In the same way you can save video calls, you can also use screen recording to save any other type of online streaming video. That includes not only videos from YouTube and websites, but also from within apps, live videos, or ephemeral content.

It should be noted that technically you won’t be ‘downloading’ videos, but recording and saving it. That is why you should have no trouble using it to save any type of online streaming video however.

Based on the ideas listed above you should be starting to see why screen recording has grown in popularity. In many ways it is being used in the same way as screenshots – just it is able to capture videos instead of images.

If you want to try using screen recording in any of the ways listed above you can use Movavi Screen Recorder Studio. Not only will it let you set up the capture parameters to suit your needs, but you can edit the videos that you record after you’re done and then save them in any format you see fit.

Suffice to say having a screen recorder may prove useful in many ways and it is an excellent utility to have. Just be sure that you experiment with it so that if and when you need it you know how to use it.