27 August

How Technology Has Revolutionized The Music Industry

There’s no denying the impact of technology on today’s music industry. From music venues and promoters using software like Prism (https://prism.fm/) to improve their day-to-day business operations to technology like autotune becoming more popular in songs, pretty much every part of the industry uses new technology. But there is plenty of discussion on the idea of whether or not the impact has been a positive or negative one overall.


Frankly, it seems quite obvious that tech advancements have boosted the music industry in exponential ways. However, there are still those who fear the speedy integration.


Take a look at some insightful points, and make your own decision on how you feel about the impact of technology on the music industry.


The way we listen to music


The way people listen to music has transformed over the years. No matter how far you go back in history, you will see a constant shift in the development of listening abilities.


We’ve gone from the phonograph, to radio, to tapes and CDs to MP3s, to streaming music, and now blockchain is on the rise. The way we listen to music will always develop in the interest of a quality experience.


Globalization of streaming music


Streaming music is one of the most efficient forms of income for today’s most famous musical talents. The days of Napster and Frostwire are over, and today’s artists have no reason to complain about “free” access to their creations.


Your monthly subscription to Spotify or Pandora pays for your access to the music, and the platform pays a percentage of that income to the artists. Everyone’s getting paid, and everyone is getting to listen.


The value of real instruments


Though technology has ousted quite a few genuine elements of musical creations, there are perks. There’s nothing like the sound of a well-built piano or a perfectly proportioned acoustic guitar, this much is true.


However, digital instrumentation can produce patterns and sounds that some traditional instruments cannot. It’s important to remember that the pendulum swings both ways.


Accessibility to visibility


The rise of the age of the internet has produced a unique opportunity for those who wish to showcase their talents. If you are an artist looking for your big break, the internet is the best way to begin getting your face and talent out to the masses.


Invest your time in building a reputation on all the popular social media networks. Use visual perks of YouTube and Facebook to present your ability to put on a great show.


The way music is created


The way music is created is also a fluent element of the industry. New equipment means new sounds. The music you hear on the radio today is predominantly composed of digital sounds. Live instruments are typically saved for live performances. There’s no organic component to much of the background music dominating mainstream charts today.