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11 September

What Will Be the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society?

Artificial intelligence is quickly gearing up for a bright future. While hundreds of tech enthusiasts are waiting for larger implications of this technology to benefit the society, hundreds more are sceptical about its impact. The problem with AI is that it is intimidating to many. An average non-tech person does not understand the working or implication of the system. This makes him more vulnerable to the threats posed by the system.

The question is: will AI really have a strong impact on the society?

The answer is yes. However, we still need to find what a ‘strong impact’ would mean.

Economic impact

The most major economic impact of AI will be cost saving for many enterprises and loss of jobs for millions of people. Studies put the figure of lost jobs at 7 million. Enterprises love the idea of AI as it is an intelligent system like humans but does not necessarily come with human errors. AI won’t take sick leaves and will certainly not be late to work. It can be used 24×7 and can be fed zillion bytes of data for analysis too. This job will be impossible for humans. Note that AI is not the machine robot you see in car factories. It is more than that- an intelligent system that can function of its own. A good side of this job impact will be lesser humans performing dangerous or life-threatening jobs.

Technological education change

There’s already been a shift to technology when it comes to how business handle their customer care. E-commerce websites now use live chats to interact with people who visit the site. Even hospitals may now lean on something like a Medical Answering Service in Los Angeles, CA (or wherever they are located) to handle the high volume of calls that they receive. With the advent of AI, it is presumed that it will also help in creating 2 million new jobs which will require a differently skilled workforce. The millennials, who are already disrupting the typical work culture, could be handling this new technology. There will be new job titles and new positions in organizations that we never heard about before. Technological education, to a large extent, will now take a major shift to AI.

Renewed healthcare

Did you know that AI could take on professions like doctors and lawyers and replace them with super-intelligent systems and algorithms? Your healthcare may change forever. Intelligent robots can now become caretakers and decide what disease you have. They may even suggest if you need any kind of special treatment or not. Some technology innovators are also talking about creating cyborgs. It is highly likely that this futuristic technology will become a reality soon. Currently, AI can be used to operate advanced medical devices by integrating robotics and machine learning together. These kinds of innovations could happen with the help of medical research done by companies equivalent to IDR Medical that tend to have expertise in developing medical products and bringing advancements to the healthcare industry. Considering the up-and-coming technology in healthcare, we can expect big changes in the future.


AI is not only about robots and cyborgs. Artificial intelligence could also be affecting the kind of information we share with various organizations and service providers. Google is reportedly working on a new system that helps in counting ad impressions by reading your eyes. There will be devices of a new, futuristic type that can read body movements, eye movements, and even brain prints. Some claim that brain prints can be used as passwords for digital devices soon. However, sharing so much data with an AI system can cause surveillance troubles and privacy issues at well.

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly be at the helm of technological innovations in the next 10 to 15 years. The impact of these systems is exciting but equally intimidating.

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