15 April

Using Technology To Keep In Touch With Your Target Consumer

In business, it’s vital that you maintain a connection with the people who most value your products or services.  Keeping a close connection with consumers helps you know what turns to take on the winding path of business development.  

You’ll know better how to target your marketing campaigns, and you’ll know how to develop a more effective service for your community.  Take some time now to read about a few ways in which technology can help your business keep in touch with the right type of web users.

Hit ‘em in the email

Email communications are extremely effective in reaching your target consumer because you likely got their email address through a transaction of some sort.  Whether it be from them voluntarily signing up for your email list, or that they’re a past customer, you will be connecting with people who care about what your business has to offer.  

Use your email rolodex to make regular connections with individuals.  Send out a weekly business newsletter, and use the email connections for automated responses, big events, and special savings offers.  

Hop aboard the social media train

If you don’t have an active social media marketing campaign, you need to get yourself to the drawing board ASAP.  There are millions of people carousing the pages of social media every day, and it presents a priceless opportunity to become visible to a large audience of users.  

Set up social media profiles on all of the most popular platforms, and maintain your presence for each site.  Update your information regularly. Offer special deals, and even run small giveaway contests. Do things to keep followers of your social media site engaged.  

Mobile messaging works too

Give your digital audience an option to opt-in on a mobile messaging connection with your business.  You can use it to send out sale updates, special savings codes, and general information about new things happening in your operation.  

You can develop a complimentary app

Complimentary mobile apps are all the rage in today’s culture.  Everywhere you go, there’s a chance to download an app for special savings or the capability of pre-ordering something.  Whatever the case may be, your business could probably find an interesting way to integrate the development of a complimentary mobile app.  

Slap a QR code on your product

If you’re not familiar with Quick Response codes, now is the time to do a little reading.  QR codes are those scramble little squares you see all around that can be scanned by your smartphone for special information.  

Sometimes they lead you to a special content entry, and sometimes they will lead consumers to the maker’s business website.  Either way, a QR code adds a curious element to your product.