29 January

The Future for the Gaming industry

Whatever area you look across the industry, the future appears very, very bright. From traditional forms of gaming and the likes of PC players, on top of console gaming. Then to the online casino market, with more and more sites being released to the competitive market, such as thebestcasinos.co.uk. Then to mobile gaming, which has been shaping the future of the industry and helped to drive to the level it currently is at and also shaped the incredible predictions that are also now being set for the future. All of this growth will also see the opening up of new markets. With new games always comes new fanbases and the opportunity for new merchandise, which will then reach even more people who aren’t necessarily in the gaming sphere. There will be new ways to make money too, such as trading in-game resources on real-life shopping platforms, whilst experienced gamers can also make money as a booster for dota 2 boost services and boost services similar to that.

Console gaming as mentioned is more of the traditional method of gaming but is still remaining hugely popular world-wide. In 2020 for example, the video game console market hit a revenue of $51 billion, with this expected to now surpass $60 billion within the next two years. The future is bright, and we also recently saw the next generation console releases from both PlayStation and Xbox, with each proving a major success and will be expected to help grow the industry further and take it to new levels.

As mentioned, the casino industry is another part of the gaming world that is evolving and seeing some major growth. More and more sites are hitting the market, which is meaning it is more competitive than ever. This is fantastic news for players, as some incredible bonuses and promotions and now available to be picked up, meaning a greater chance of winning. Virtual reality casinos are also now expected to take it to the next level and bring in more and more players.

Finally, mobile gaming has been the real driving force for the gaming industry. It is expected to register a CAGR of around 14% during 2020 and 2025 alone, with the average time spent gaming now growing on average between 8-10% per year. This just shows how much of an impact it is now having on people’s lives, with players now spending over 240 billion each year on mobile gaming.

These are all successful areas and just shows where the future is going for the gaming industry. And that is up!