28 March

Take to Movavi Video Converter to convert MKV files to MP4

Do you have some HD files that you wish to send to mobile devices? It could be some short files or a season of a latest TV series. Now, HD files are generally in the MKV format. But mobile devices do not usually support the superior resolution and huge size of MKV files. The smartest solution here is to convert MKV files into MP4 format. The tech market is flooded with a huge range of video converter options today but if you are looking for expert recommendations- Movavi Video Converter is your thing.

Movavi Video Converter is designed by top and internationally famous software developer Movavi. The program has garnered stellar ratings for its edgy features yet simple interface which makes it easy to operate for anybody with basic computing know-how. Here is a brief on how you can convert MKV to MP4 with Movavi Video Converter.

Step 1

First, you will download Movavi Video Converter and install it in your system.

Step 2

Then, you will add your video to the Movavi program. Just look for Add Media and click on it. After that, click on Add Video to add your chosen video to the Movavi program window.

Step 3

Go to Video tab, click on it and choose output format. MP4 will be your output format in this case.

Step 4

Now, we have reached at the final step of the conversion process where we will choose destination folder and begin conversion. Look for Folder icon and click on it to choose the destination folder for your converted MP4 video. If you don’t want the Movavi program to save your file in the Movavi library, you have to select a folder in your system beforehand.  Now, you will simply need to click on Convert button to start the conversion process.

Great features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Converts videos and more

Movavi Video Converter not only converts videos, but audio and image files as well.

  • SuperSpeed Conversion

The Movavi video converter program is backed by SuperSpeed technology which enables it convert video/audio/image files in blazing speed- precisely way around 80% faster than other converter programs.

  • No quality loss during conversion

Then, Movavi Video Converter is powered with high end technology that ensures no loss of quality during conversion.

Supports all popular file formats

With Movavi Video Converter, users can convert your videos in just any format. The state of the art video converter program by Movavi supports more than  180 file formats. It is also compatible with over 200 mobile presets.

  • Editing capacities

The Movavi Video Converter is also designed to churn out editing facilities, much to the pleasure of the users. From cropping out unwanted parts to adjusting audio levels to video stabilization- the program can do all.

Useful tip for users

If you want to edit your video, you have to do it before conversion. You will simply need to go to the Edit tab and click on it and you will find a whole range of editing options there.

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