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17 January

A Guide to Artificial Intelligence at Any Age

Do you think artificial intelligence is scary? You are one amongst many who believe that artificial intelligence will somehow make it difficult for humans to do their job. However, AI is just a sophisticated program that has quietly been changing the way you have computed over the years. Don’t believe us? Take the example of […]

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24 December

Why Millennials Love Technology While Experts Are Worried?

The ho-hum about technology taking jobs away is bothering experts but millennials don’t seem worried about it. This new generation of tech savvy individuals is creating a headache for experts, who have all their views turned topsy-turvy due to the millennial lifestyle. Now that artificial intelligence, chatbots, and robots are expected to finally begin a […]

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18 November

How to Win Clients and Influence Market with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will soon take over many jobs. When working with this amazing new technological concept, businesses will go through a short learning curve. However, experts suggest that the results will be worth it. An example of this is that there are now businesses like Datagen that deal with synthetic data generation for training purposes, […]

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27 October

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

If you have followed news stories in the past year, you already know a little about artificial intelligence. Some people panic in the name of AI, thinking it is a super-machine that will take over their jobs. However, artificial intelligence is more than just a job-snatcher. It could be your best friend. It can assist […]

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12 September

9 Rules About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The goals of AI research include learning, reasoning, and perception. Major AI research areas include machine learning, which focuses on the development of algorithms that can learn from data and improve their […]

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21 August

Did Facebook Leave it Too Late to Punish Fake News Sites?

Fake news has become a big issue in the modern socio-political scenario. The rampant use of fake news to incite people and use them to create propaganda is evident on Facebook. However, the social network could not do much to stop spreading the news. Now, Facebook looks ready to crack down on the pages that […]

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29 May

Top 3 Smartphone Features Which Will Decide the Future

The smartphones of the future will be nothing like the metal clad, quick processing machines we know of today. As innovation enters a new era, it will be interesting to see new designs and ideas that change the world of smartphones forever. Millennials are changing the way smartphones are being used – just check out […]

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