23 August

Roundup of the best Node.js Resources in 2018.

Node.js is an open source JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code server side. Node.js is made for developing a diverse variety of tools and network applications. It’s incredibly fast and can handle thousands of concurrent connections. Node.js users have a large and active community and access to the world’s largest open source library resource.

Node.js is trusted by many of the largest global companies, including most of the Fortune 500.

Created in 2009, today Node.js is thriving, with 9 million Node instances online and more than 1,600 contributors. In 2017, Node.js was downloaded around 25 million times. Something this big has to be changing fast, so here are some useful resources to help keep you up to speed with Node in 2018.

Node.js official website 


The official website of Node is always a good place to start your journey, if only to make sure you’re always up to speed on the latest news and developments. It offers documentation and inbuilt modules. Beginners may prefer to research more in-depth explanations but experienced users will find lots of relevant information here, especially the news pages and up to the minute security info.

The Complete Node.js Developer Course – updated May 2018.

If you’re looking to learn Node.js, this recently updated paid course isn’t expensive (it currently costs less than ten dollars) and gives a great introduction, taking you through four projects as you learn the basics with the clear aim of getting you to the point where you can develop your own Node applications.


NodeSchool global community and 2018 events 


Learners and experienced users of Node.js who want to collaborate or mentor should check out the NodeSchool 2018 for details of collaborative workshops with a Node.js focus in their own country. If there aren’t any physical meetings you can travel to, the NodeSchool website contains loads of great tutorials, workshops and links to resources like the Node School Organisers Wiki on GitHub, where you can access everything you need to start and host your own event.

NodeSource Blog 


This blog from Node.js experts NodeSource is a regularly updated resource for all things Node newsworthy. The site also features a useful Node.js resources section featuring whitepapers, tech guides, data sheets and webinars.

The Node.js Foundation 


Founded in 2014 to promote stability, security and support across a fast growing developer community, the Node Foundation website is a great place to find detailed information on all things Node, including tips, interviews, case studies and other helpful resources. The News section is a bang up to date roundup of Node.js stories from around the world.

Node Weekly


As the name implies, Node Weekly is a free weekly email roundup of Node.js related news stories. You’ll need to subscribe for the regular updates which include news, jobs, prize surveys, code tools and tutorials.

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