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21 May

How Google Uses Future Technology to Grow Bigger

Google is one of the top technology giants in the world. This heavyweight started its journey as a search engine but slowly became popular as a company with a futuristic vision. Google has given us many moments filled with an adrenaline rush, especially with Google Glass. However, behind the scene at this company, there is more than just a wearable gadget that can change our lives forever. The company is consistently trying to bring a host of new technology our way. Let’s focus on how Google is transforming the technological game and giving other tech companies a run for their money.

Artificial intelligence

When you hear about artificial intelligence, you instantly focus on humanoids robots who would take over the world one day. However, there is more to artificial intelligence than that. Google has a lot in store in this bustling tech segment. Google’s chat app called Allo is using a small piece of this AI technology as it tries to communicate with the user through a basic virtual assistant. You might also have come across sequence modeling toolkits like fairseq which may help in many industries with regards to AI technology. However, Google has bigger plans for virtual assistants than that. The company wants to be able to update social media messages via a virtual assistant.

But this is only a small part of the Google plan. At the enterprise level, Google has designed TensorFlow. This small tool is a powerful piece of technology that helps enterprises to work with artificial intelligence. A company’s technology department can design new ways to make machine learning easier and tweak their AI experiences accordingly. The department can easily translate machine learning functionalities into a proper code which could help make search and other business processes faster and more reliable.

Augment reality

Google knows that augmented reality could be the next big thing in technology. People loved the Pok√©mon Go augmented reality game released last year. Google is also experimenting with this technology. Google will be working on a new ARCore. The company unveiled its innovation earlier this year. ARCore will be Google’s answer to Apple’s ARKit, which is rumoured to launch this September.

This will help developers create games and applications on augmented reality. It will be available for millions of phones running Google’s Android OS. The company previously tried to work with augmented reality with Tango. However, it was a complicated effort and required special cameras to function. This time, Google is taking a different approach to AR that could help it create better products and apps than its rival Apple.

Google’s Cloud and AI

Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai suggested in an earnings call last year that Google has always been working with cloud but all internally. Seeing Google taking an edge over its competitors is a testimony to the fact that the company knows its cloud business very well – there are people who look to take the gcp ace exam so they will be able to have a career using the Google Cloud so, clearly, it’s a good system. Pichai also talked about AlphaGO, the company’s very own artificial intelligence system that has taken deep learning to a whole new level. Google Now service is powered by this intelligent system that helps with search and image recognition. However, the company will slowly expand its reach in the future.

Google’s internal research and innovative idea-seeking is helping the company stay a step ahead in the competition. There are many Google technologies that the company is invested in and will likely unveil slowly.

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