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18 June

Future Technological Innovations/Ideas That Can Fulfill Basic Human Needs

A major group of scientists and technology experts believe that science should be used for benefitting the human race. They think that simply providing the fastest processor on your phone isn’t enough. Technology has a larger role to play in our lives. Apart from the usual hustle-bustle related to new gadgets, there is a quieter corner of technology making bigger waves in this field.

Do you want to know about some of the best technological innovations and ideas that can fulfil basic human needs? If yes, read on.

Engineered food

Our food choices are taking a toll on the planet. It is important to understand that the planet’s food system for humans is becoming highly inefficient. With the need of more farmland for more humans and equally larger quantities of water required for producing the food, we are entering a vicious cycle of food shortage. With every passing year, we will have less of farmland and water available to feed a growing population. This is a basic human need that could find a scientific, lab engineered alternative soon.

Scientists at Impossible Foods and other laboratories are trying to engineer foods in a lab. These foods require less farmland and distilled water (those interested can buy distilled water from here) to grow.

Fun Fact: Did you know that a pound of beef takes 1799 gallons of water to produce? Interesting, isn’t it?

Anyway, American and Dutch scientists have done something really interesting in this field–they have made the first cultured meat and the first cultured friend meatball and they are excited about the results too. The scientists claim that lab grown meat is in our future and will likely be tastier and more cost effective too. For now, a lab-grown burger will cost $3,30,000. As new tech is applied to this successful experiment, the costs will lower and mass production will be made possible.

Sleep technology

Insomnia and other sleep troubles have become very common in the western lifestyle. Thousands of people are finding it harder to fall asleep every day and thousands more spend the night just lying on their beds. Though there tend to be solutions in the form of CBD products (those interested can check out Vibes CBD) or similar supplements, scientists are now uncovering the truth behind sleep, in order to establish a stronger solution. They have successfully defined the neurons responsible for sleep and have induced sleep-wake cycles as well. This is a breakthrough in sleep technology that could help us sleep better.

However, by the time this technology becomes commercially available, we can depend on smart pillows, mattresses, and smart alarm clocks. Withings’ sleep monitor slides down your pillow and captures your movements during sleep to find out whether you are sleeping properly or not. This is not all, this sleep monitor will automatically decide the perfect time for you to wake up depending on your sleep-wake cycle so that you always wake up refreshed. This is one technology that most of us want to get hold of, considering how important sleep is for our overall health.

There are countless other technologies and ideas that can make our life better. These intelligent technologies are designed to make life easier and better. A technology designed to fit perfectly into its surrounding environment that can fulfil our most basic wants is the need of the hour. Hopefully, we will see more of such technologies in the next 5 years.

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