16 January

Environmental Tech That Could Help Save The Planet

For years, scientist and biologist have been working overtime to develop new ways to preserve the homeostasis of the Earth. Overuse of resources, overpopulation, and other activities have damaged the planet over time, and now it’s our turn to try to repair the damage.

Though technology poses some risk to our natural environment, there are many ways technology is working to preserve the most precious elements of the world. Take a few moments to consider a few pieces of environmental technology that could possibly save the planet.

Tech to keep our water safer

Preserving the world’s oceans is a huge concern. There have been several notable disasters throughout recent history that have done some irreparable damage to the oceans. Technology, however, works hard to assure mechanical integrity and safety for today’s industrial water sites.

Drinking water is also a real concern, and it isn’t the most available resource in some areas of the world. The oceans make up most of the water on the planet, but their salinity makes the water undrinkable for humans.

Technology has provided an array of different solutions for providing potable water to those who are in desperate need. Desalination is an excellent fix for the shortage of drinkable water around the world, but the process is not yet affordable for most places who need it most.

Make oil from just about anything

The advancement of modern technology has uncovered the fact that nearly any carbon-based material can be broken down and turned into oil. The need for mining and fracking is obsolete if you’re able to turn abundant, organic resources into usable fuel.

It has been suggested that a ton of turkey waste can be turned into around 600 pounds of petroleum. The implications of such abilities are exciting for nature lovers everywhere.

Harness the Sun’s energy

Solar power is one of the most promising technologies for reducing the strain on our planet. Solar tech has been around for more than a decade, but the past few years have made solar abilities more of a realistic goal for the common person. For example, people can now get Residential solar panels installed on their roofs and take advantage of solar power in their homes (plus lower energy costs, which can’t be a bad thing either).

Planting in the concrete jungles

Singapore has the right idea with their incessant addition of greenery among the tons of steel and concrete it takes to build their mile-high skyscrapers. Urban planting has become much easier to manage through the use of growth technology, and the presence of plants in the city helps to cleanse the air of harmful inhalants.

Make paper obsolete

Millions of paper printed newspapers are still being dispersed worldwide every day, but technology has produced a new and interesting solution to this excessive waste. Electronic paper is in its infancy, but the implications of such technology are extreme.

Imagine reading your daily paper on the same sheet every day. Electronic paper will simply upload new data and augment itself daily with no waste.