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29 August

7 Things to Expect from Apple’s Event on September 12th

Apple’s events present an opportunity to the focus on innovation, future technologies, and the latest product launches by the most valuable brand in the world. This year’s event is scheduled for September 12th. With less than a week left for Apple’s grand annual event, here are seven things you should expect to see.

A new ARKit

Apple’s love for augmented reality is not new. The company understands that an AR leap in its phones could help it jump miles ahead of its Android counterparts. The ARKit, shown at the WWDC in June could make it easier for Apple to leave its competition behind. The company is yet to show what it can do for the users with AR.

iPhone Pro

There are talks about an iPhone Pro or an iPhone 8 that could come with a better industrial design, matching up with the high-end Android phones available. The new phone could come with a larger screen, still devoid of the home button. The new phone could be called ‘iPhone X’ as well. Rumors are ripe that Apple could be moving ahead of its conventional naming and opt for something new this year. The new phone could also feature a glass or ceramic body. However, plastic and stainless steel are other options.

A new Apple Watch

Though Apple Watch’s response has been lukewarm, the fitness device is slowly gaining traction. Apple’s latest version will come with a built-in wireless modem. This functionality will allow you to stream music on your watch and even order an Uber. Now that is a technology most of us are waiting for.

iPhone 7s and 7s Plus

As is evident with the iPhones, Apple could come up with an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. These phones are not expected to come with any major improvements over their counterparts. However, some tweaks and larger screens could be seen in the new phones, commanding a higher price. The two phones could be providing a slightly cheaper option to the buyers as rumors suggest that the iPhone 8 could cost upwards of $1,000.

Less focus on Mac

Apple’s September events are now geared more towards the iPhone. Therefore, it is highly likely that we will hear less about a new Mac, iPod, or iPad. Though the details of the event are not yet clear, we expect that there will be little to no news about other devices in the event. Apple will be focusing all its energy on the iPhone show-offs.

Apple TV- really?

The Apple TV has not done anything too significant to notice in this segment. It could not change viewership habits and did not add anything astoundingly new to the table. Unlike many other smart TVs, that can be integrated with software to help monitor viewership data in order to improve the content that is reaching audiences (click over here now for more), the Apple TV remains the same as it was before. It is highly likely that Apple will focus on bringing fresh content to its users. A few tweaks enabling multiple user profiles could be readied. However, we are not sure if we will hear any news about the new Apple TV this year. If the Apple TV is really ready, we can expect a 4K resolution, something that many televisions already have. You can check out somewhere like VIZIO ( to learn more about that, as well as the different accessories they have on offer.

HomePod updates

If Apple indeed chooses to focus on devices other than the iPhone, then the HomePod could be a popular choice. Updates to Siri could also be expected. The HomePod is playing the second fiddle to Amazon’s Echo and Apple may want to change the dynamics of the game.

Here were 7 things that you should expect from the event. More rumors keep pouring in each day. Wait till 12th September to take a sneak peek inside Apple’s strategy.

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