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17 January

A Guide to Artificial Intelligence at Any Age

Do you think artificial intelligence is scary?

You are one amongst many who believe that artificial intelligence will somehow make it difficult for humans to do their job. However, AI is just a sophisticated program that has quietly been changing the way you have computed over the years. Don’t believe us? Take the example of SIRI or Google voice recognition. These two are beautiful and classic examples of what artificial intelligence could do for humans. This is not all. Amazon Echo is a device that can bring a very advanced form of artificial intelligence your way. Even your Facebook newsfeed is not generic. It is designed by a set of algorithms that are managed through AI.

What is artificial intelligence and why should you know about it?

Artificial intelligence can simply be defined as a set of cognitive programs that can interact with their environment without human interference. AI is based on the idea of machine learning i.e. it is easy for a machine to learn generic patterns in data without needing a specific algorithm. The machine or program can use its own logic and cognition abilities to find these generic patterns and give largely reliable results. Your Facebook newsfeed, for example, understands the pages and people you interact with the most and tries to bring the posts by these people to the top of your feed.

You should know about artificial intelligence because it will start to dominate the tech field within the next 5 years. Experts and entrepreneurs alike have understood that AI is the future of business and technology. Therefore, they are preparing themselves for the big day when AI finally becomes a supremely viable business solution. With the emergence of artificial intelligence in fmcg industry, for instance, you can see a massive change in the workings of the said industry in terms of product placement, maintaining sustainability and improving efficiency. Even IBM’s Watson has already taken a step ahead in this direction and has the computing ability of 10m records per second. With AI, the question is not ‘why’ but ‘when’.

How is AI being used?

Regardless of your age, you’re likely already benefiting from AI in your daily life. For students, AI-powered educational tools are making learning more personalized and efficient, adapting to individual needs and providing instant feedback. In the workforce, AI is automating routine tasks, allowing professionals to focus on more creative and strategic aspects of their jobs. In healthcare, AI is aiding in early disease detection and treatment recommendations, improving the quality of patient care. For seniors, AI-driven virtual assistants and healthcare monitoring systems are enhancing independent living and ensuring prompt medical assistance when needed.

Companies across various industries are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence into their operations to gain a competitive edge. Whether you’re a recent graduate exploring career opportunities or a seasoned professional looking to adapt to the changing landscape, understanding AI’s role in business is essential. Many organizations put their employees through an AI training course to help them acquire the necessary skills and integrate AI into their business operations. From automating customer service with chatbots to optimizing supply chain logistics and predicting market trends, AI is transforming the way businesses operate. Embracing AI at any age can open doors to exciting opportunities and ensure you stay relevant in today’s technology-driven world.

Will AI overthrow humans?

Per the International Data Corp, AI will be a $16.5 billion market in 2019. As more businesses start opening to this technology, this market will continue to grow with hundreds of new automation programs released regularly. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM have recently decided to handle public concerns related to AI. They want to regulate this field by creating the best practices in the industry.

The issues of surveillance and privacy are more rampant with AI than with any other latest technology. This is because AI is based on big data that could pose a threat to the privacy of individuals. However, there is no doubt that AI is already transforming lives and making many tasks easier for us. The fact that AI will make people lose their jobs is only partially true. This is because AI will create millions of jobs at the same time, which will help many millennials get job opportunities we never thought about 5 years ago.

Is learning AI difficult? No. If you spend some time on learning about AI, you will find that it is an incredibly useful technology, especially at an enterprise level. Your smartphone also works as a small AI factory. However, it has only small computing powers. With time, regulations will be brought in and AI will become a useful technology that does not create any threats to anybody’s privacy.