15 September

5 Cool Mobile Technology Advancements To Explore

Whether you’re a business owner, or just a fan of mobile tech, staying in the know about what’s new is an advantage.  When you are able to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry, you can use your knowledge to gather success.  

Take a few moments research, and you may learn something valuable.  Here is a brief compilation of a few cool mobile tech advancements changing the way you use your smartphone this year.  

The emergence of 5G networks

The world has been waiting for access to a 5G network, and 2020 is the year of speed.  This year, 5G has become much more standard for mobile service providers.  Though there’s been plenty of talk about the negative effects of a 5G network on a person’s long-term health, the speedy service is a trending desire for mobile users.  

Bundling services is edging into mobile

If you don’t want to keep up with three or four separate due dates for your television, internet, and phone, then you find ways to bundle services.  Bundling is the new thing for mobile viewing apps too.  Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and all the other modern entertainment “channels” offer bundles as well.  

If you’re a Spectrum customer, for instance, you can bundle services and tap into what Spectrum Mobile has to offer.  It seems the end goal is to have the ability to control nearly every aspect of life from the palm of your hand, and we’re well on our way.  

Augmented reality is catching fire

This year’s mobile apps will see more integration of Augmented Reality.  You probably already understand the concept of Virtual Reality tech, but AR incorporates real-world elements into virtual displays. Mobile apps have become an important staple in everyday life as they have been made easy to use for personal and business needs. As they have developed with technologies like AR, so have companies who create mobile apps for professional use which people can learn more about over at websites like darwoft.com if they want more clarification on the matter, as well as seeing how they can incorporate this new technology with what they are striving for. 

Pokemon Go is the most obvious and popular example of AR integration into a mobile application.  Players have the option to choose an augmented reality display while they catch a new pokemon.  

Apps for transportation are evolving

Mobile apps like Uber and Lyft are widely popular, but the transportation application options have expanded exponentially in recent years.  People even go as far as sharing their car with car-sharing apps.  

You can download an app to check out local train, bus, and flight schedules.  This year has also granted access to mobile apps that help users find a Limebike or Bird scooter to get around town. 

Pairable technology for your phone

You’re likely used to the ability to pair with a bluetooth speaker or a set of wireless headphones, but 2020 takes mobile pairing to a whole new level.  

Technology has created the ability to pair your phone with your house in several different ways.  Your phone can also pair with your new car and control various aspects of the vehicle from afar.