29 October

4 Examples of Technology Integration

Technology is not just a means unto itself. It has to integrate into something else to give a functional improvement or at least change in an industry or a particular aspect of a person’s life. Technology improves on its own, for example as a matter of faster processing, but it isn’t until that quicker processing is incorporated into something else that we begin to see the benefits.

Look for a few examples of this technology integration in the world around you. There is the technology integration of sales and finance, of the initiation of self-driving cars, of artificial intelligence productions, and even inside the idea of the mobile revolution. Look to each of those examples to see how it is that technology combines with the needs of the world.

Sales and Finance

If you can align sales and finance along with the latest technology, you’re giving yourself an immediate competitive benefit in your industry. If a new technology comes around, you have to figure out how to match that with your sales tactics, thereby incorporating it into your financial project management. Avoiding technological advancements or assuming that other people aren’t going to jump on before you will eventually lead to a loss of market share.

Self-Driving Cars

Another example of technology integration is within news about self-driving cars. Sensor technology is improving at an exponential rate. Then, engineers are mixing this sensor technology into automated processes of the physical act of driving a car. Motion sensors, image sensors, and mathematical algorithms all work together with the latest technology to showcase the ability of vehicles to get from point A to point B safely and efficiently. Eventually, self-driving cars should be safer than their human counterparts. This technology has even extended onto self-driving trucks (check here) that can be used on the road for businesses that require efficient and effective distribution needs.

Artificial Intelligence Productions

When you read about the latest artificial intelligence improvements, you can’t help but be amazed and maybe a little scared about the future. As soon as a job can be automated, especially if artificial intelligence is used, it is going to negate the need to have humans doing that work. As technology integrates with typical human jobs, that means that people are going to have to figure out different ways to gain employment as their opportunities decrease overall.

The Mobile Revolution

The mobile revolution is a final example of technology integration. Who knew 10 years ago that we would have computers in our pockets that are our primary way of connecting to the Internet and connecting with each other? This integration of technology with our daily lives was unexpected, but now leaves the majority of the social sphere in uncharted territory. People need to recognize the benefits and limitations of this kind of connection and make sure they don’t lose track of real life inside of the virtual one.