20 March

3 Ways to Cut Website Costs without Sacrificing Quality

It doesn’t cost an awful lot to run a website these days, especially with the many online services out there that are looking to compete with each other for your custom. However, there are still running costs involved and, if you’re not careful, these costs could be the difference between your online venture being a success or a miserable failure. If you’re looking to save on website costs, here are a few things you can change to ensure that happens.

1. Change Your Marketing Tactics

If you’re spending hundreds every month on your SEO marketing strategies, it could be the perfect time to look at other marketing strategies. Granted, getting to the top of the search engines for popular keywords will only help your website thrive, but if it’s not particularly getting you the conversions you desire, it could be pointless. Also, once your site has a reasonably good standard of SEO, it might do you good to cut all ties with the agency you use and let your website naturally take its course. Social marketing is free, and PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing with the help of Google AdWords has been known to provide some excellent results.

2. Change Web Hosting Providers

It’s usually a lot of hassle when it comes to changing web hosting providers. However, with the help of a potential new host, they’ll usually make the move for you for nothing. Changing providers is a good way to save money in the long term. You might not be able to halve your monthly running costs, but even if you can save yourself a few quid every month, that could end up being a lot of money over the next 5 years. Take a look at hostingkingdom.com for more information on the top hosts out there. They also have a handy “coupons” section, so you could end up saving yourself a fortune thanks to lifetime hosting discounts.

3. Do It Yourself

Not only web hosting and marketing charges, but also website maintenance, can have a significant financial impact. If your website needs a new feature, it’s easy to spend hundreds on getting a developer to implement it for you. However, with a simple search on Google, you can usually find out how to do things for yourself. Sometimes you will need extensive experience in a specific programming language, but more often than not, Google can point you in the right direction.

There is really no straightforward way of saving money when it comes to website running costs. However, if you’re willing to make changes yourself and stop paying over the odds for professionals to do the work for you, you could end up saving yourself thousands every year. Always start by comparing web hosts for a new online service that you can rely on, and then take care of lowering your marketing and advertising costs to ensure your website doesn’t continue to burn holes in your pockets.

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