28 July

3 Helpful Tips for Saving Money on Currency Conversion

It’s exciting to go and travel around the world. But one of the most frustrating things I’ve found about international travel is accidentally paying too much money for something abroad.  Nothing’s worse than thinking you’re getting a great deal and then realizing your paid way too much.

Best 10 Apps for Money Exchange

Fortunately, I came across some tips recently that I found really helpful for currency conversion. Below are 3 tips I found useful.

Stick To Your Budget with Finding the Lowest Fees & Best Rates

When you want to stick to your monthly budget template and stop spending a lot on fees for exchanging currency, one of the best ways to do it is through an app. Many apps let you exchange them your money for low cost or even for free.

There are also apps that direct you to credit unions or banks nearby where you’ll be able to get the best and latest exchange rates. It’s also possible to look for apps that show the fees for exchanging money in the area banks to let you compare the costs and save money.

Want to compare before you exchange your money? Apps like Oanda, Yahoo or Travelex are reputable, and they can tell you where to find the fees that are lowest. That will help you with saving a lot of money.

If you’d rather transfer money online, internationally or domestically, you can find apps that have apps with this service such as Western Union, Revolut or TransferWise.

Use the Best Calculator for Currency Conversion

It can be hard to convert currency, so you want to choose an accurate calculator for converting currency that can be taken with you anywhere. This can make a huge difference.

You want to choose a trustworthy currency calculator to avoid getting fake results. With a lot of different converters available, you’ll have no trouble finding one from a familiar company. When you choose a company that you already trust, you’ll be able to travel through the world and be confident knowing what you buy is really costing you.

If you want to convert USD to another country’s currency fast but you don’t want to wait for your app to load, you want to choose an app with a widget that can be placed on the home screen of your phone.  This is going to make exchanging money a lot faster and easier since all you’ll have to do is type in your numbers and get results instantly.

Currency calculators make things a lot easier for you when you are traveling and want

to know the exchange rate quickly.

Use the Latest Exchange Rates to Make Informed and Good Decisions

It’s essential that you know how far your money will go when you’re traveling abroad. That’s why you want to access the latest exchanged decisions.

No matter what currency you are converting your money to, you’ll want to use an app with exchange rates that are accurate with a variety of currencies.  This way you’ll know how the currency conditions are changing.

Need to do a money transfer and want to know how American dollars compare to other countries? You want to choose an app that has different exchange rates, such as PCM. This will give you an overview of what needs to be paid in exchange and transfer fees. A good option is TransferWise since this can transfer the money no matter where it’s going.


The next time you travel abroad, go prepared with the right currency converters on your phone. You’ll save a lot of money and have a better chance of getting some great deals.