2 September

2 Quick Tips for Immigrants Looking to Save Money on Their Most Important Tech

We’ve entered a day and age where most of can’t go five seconds without checking our phones or email, right?

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. The ability to stay connected with friends and family, breaking news and even our workplaces around-the-clock is simply an expectation of today’s society.

As such, having access to tech that meets our need is a top priority.

But it’s especially important for those living abroad and working in a new country.

Why Tech Matters So Much for Immigrants

Think about it.

If you’re an expat, you need to not only be connected to those around you now, but also your family back home. Whether that means transferring remittance payments to your home country or keeping in touch with friends and families, immigrants need to be tech-savvy if they want to live comfortably.

Of course, good tech doesn’t come without a price tag. For expats on a budget, how can you invest in reliable gadgets and services that won’t suddenly fail on you without breaking the bank?

Good question! Here are two quick tips for immigrants who rely on tech in their day-to-day lives but need to so in a budget-friendly way.

Choosing the Right Laptop

Rather than be tied to a desktop, laptops are a smart choice for pretty much anyone who wants doesn’t want to be tied to a traditional PC.

That said, the market is saturated with pricey choices and a ton of seemingly homogenous, one-size-fits-all mid-range options. Although dropping a grand or more on a MacBook Pro might be in the cards for some, doing so would be an extravagant purchase for thriftier expats.

As a result, it might make more sense to invest in something such as a Chromebook or Surface which are mobile, reliable and cost-effective. The Chromebook in particular is noted for its long battery life, perfect for expats working on-the-go or making frequent Skype calls.

But if you consider yourself an Apple loyalty, don’t despair. While the debate over buying refurbished electronics if fierce in some circles, you can purchase a secondhand MacBook for a steep discount by going the refurbished route.

Avoiding Sneaky Subscriptions and Contracts

Expats are rightfully glued to their phones, but such devices can most certainly add up if you aren’t careful.

Long-term contracts. Package deals. Bait-and-switch discounts that end up cost you more than you bargained for.

As such, try to find a mobile provider that allows you to pay month-to-month rather than get stuck in a contract. No-interest and “data stash” plans might seem enticing, but make sure to read the fine print to save some cash.

Also, you don’t have to constantly upgrade to the latest iPhone or Android device just because your provider wants you to. Consider how you can purchase an unlocked Huawei phone on Amazon for next to nothing which works with multiple carriers. Such phones are technically the most popular phones in the world and are gaining traction in the United States.

If you’re making frequent calls home or use apps to keep in touch, take that into account in regard to choosing a data plan. Simply take the time to how much data you really need and start shopping phones and plans from there.

For the sake of staying connected, those living abroad need to find affordable tech ASAP. Although it might take a bit of digging, you can find gadgets and plans that at a price that makes sense based on your specific needs as an expat.

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